• BBRC Spotlight:  Suzanne Gibson
  • Why did you join Rotary?
  •  What experiences/projects/events have you most enjoyed and/or gained the most from your participation?
  • What three things do you enjoy doing in your free” time?
I joined Rotary to engage with the world. I felt a longing to “do something” beyond our local community. Rotary was the perfect platform, I became aware of Rotary while visiting Guatemala and noting the projects being done locally. Immediately upon returning home I contacted my friend Barbara Grace and told her of my interest in learning more about Rotary and she became Mark’s and my sponsor. We wanted to be with like minded people who share a desire to be part of making the world a better place.
I really enjoyed my year as president of BBRC. I met fellow Rotarians at PETS and became aware of the larger Rotary world. Attending the International Convention in Bangkok and meeting the club presidents from around the world inspired me. When I became an Assistant Governor, I had the great opportunity to meet even more Rotarians in the district and share the journey of multiple clubs as they all worked to make an impact in their communities. Serving as District Governor this past year allowed me to connect with even more like minded people.  The South Africa and Taiwan Friendship Exchanges forged even more connections and enriched my life.  Participating in a Polio Immunization Day in India provided an additional epic experience. Rotary provides so many opportunities to serve and to lead. 
In my free time I love to spend time with our children and grandchildren, which is rare as they all live in California. I love travel and have visited every continent My favorite places in the world are the Santa Cruz mountains near San Francisco where I recently met Methuselah, an 1800 year old Redwood, and the
 the Greek Isle of Santorini.  I love to bike and to walk and constantly monitor my “steps” with the goal of at least 10,000 each day. I am an avid genealogist and love to “get lost” in the family history.