This past week we were stunned by the events in our Nation’s capital. Our families, friends and colleagues have watched helplessly as the decorum and traditions of our legislative processes were dishonored and disrupted. We are exhausted and worried about what comes next – and wondering how we move on from here.
As Rotarians, we are fortunate to have a roadmap to follow. Each of us needs to rise above the fray and redirect our thoughts and energies towards good and follow our Rotary traditions of helping others. In our families, our workplaces and our clubs, we need to lead by example. To do the next right thing and look forward – putting the chaos and disharmony of the past days behind us and move forward.
Let’s start 2021 with a goal of making our Rotary journey personal – what can we do individually to make life better for someone else – in our homes, in our communities and around the world. Following the Four Way Test, let’s forge a path our families and friends can follow. Let’s focus on what matters – and the rest will fall into place.