Narayan gives us an update on our Guatemala Project

Narayan Muraka – Reporting back from Guatemala, all projects are on track.  Focus is on three areas, the WASH clean water and sanitation project in 22 schools; the Mechanical Cow installations in 7 locations; and, the opening of 9 clinics.
The WASH project addresses general hygiene and education to introduce a change in behaviors.  The project will eventually touch a total of 48 schools and include an emphasis on girl’s education.  In coordination with other local NGOs 12 trainers are being taught to train school teachers on sanitation and hygiene basics.
The Mechanical Cow project will expand to an additional 4 installations.  It is especially rewarding to see the success of micro-lending projects that have allowed the sale of excess milk to generate revenues in the communities.
It has been agreed, the BBRC efforts will continue to focus on the current regions and communities to leverage historical successes, moving on to “…bigger, better projects…” and reaching out to additional partners.  All of these projects uplift the entire community that they touch.
Caps are available for sale supporting the projects’ efforts.