Mary Holcomb see here with her son Lincoln was asked to speak to the many accomplishments of the International Committee:
Mary reminded everyone that sometime ago the Club/Committee had agreed to look for support opportunities closer to the U.S. where long term relationships could be developed and sustained through collaboration on Global Grants.
Currently a COVID Global Grant is focused on supporting front line healthcare workers in Guatemala.
Additionally, two Guatemalan school kitchens will be receiving $3K each to extend the “WASH” concept into the schools.
In conjunction with the Schaumburg/Hoffman Club, the Taiwan Club and Harper College, the ACE program for support and mentoring Harper students will continue.
The BBRC, Schaumburg and Taiwan clubs will also continue to support the early detection/ support of dementia program that was launched.
Finally, the BBRC is collaborating with the Evanston Lighthouse Club in Brazil to fund cleft palate repair work and the educating of local resources to address cleft palates.
Joyce Palmquist was asked to comment on the actions of the Community Service Committee:
A review of past year’s support recipients was made before allocating this year’s budget.
A “set aside” was agreed to which, thankfully, allowed a response to the unanticipated COVID needs.
Mary Holcomb also shared:
The Cuba Township Food Pantry is back to supporting approximately 50 patrons from a high of 100.
The Pantry feels they are in a good position with current donations of items.  They are continuing to purchase fresh produce where $1 donation buys $8 worth of foodstuffs.
They could use cleaning products and any assistance in locating refrigeration capacity, perhaps through restaurant auctions.
Terry Cullum had to brag about the installation of her new furnace and, finally, air conditioning.
Brett Schulz was pleased to see an Email highlighting the $$ contributed to BBRC or RI Foundations with purchases made through  He emphasized everything works the same as placing orders through, but based on the value of your order, a percent is directed to the charity of your choice.
Susie Whipple announced her new, official title District Rotary Youth Exchange Coordinator
Joe Dorociak spoke to his newest granddaughter’s arrival – welcome Rosalind!  And prayers for his little grandson Austin, who will be going through surgery.
Suzanne & Mark Gibson also has a new granddaughter, Sophia.  A visit to California to celebrate with the new baby will require quarantine for Grandma and Grandpa.
Eric Lin thanked Ibrahim La’ah for inviting Victor Mensha to join us this morning.  He also wanted Victor to keep us, the “Heartland” in mind if we could be assistance regarding crop yields and agriculture.
Dan Naranjo will be enjoying a weekend of camping with his family for Father’s Day.  He is the proud owner of a new vehicle which was outfitted with a hitch and bike rack by our own Steve Hollis.
Joyce Palmquist and her husband will also be “RVing” in Wisconsin as they head out for their first excursion of the year.
Ibrahim La’ah was delighted everyone warmly welcomed his guest Victor.
Terry Cullum reminded everyone that the Roving Reporter segment will end next week with a “quiz” involving answers to questions based on the Reporter’s interviews with BBRC members.  There will be a prize.
Starting on July 9 Fun and Frolic will be reinstated as a Duty Roster assignment where a member can select a topic and then solicit answers to questions from the audience.  There will be more information on this forthcoming.
President Steve Hollis’ last meeting was Thursday, June 25, 7AM, on Zoom!
It was a difficult yet great year because you lead us.  We will not forget your effort!
Thank you so much