Jenkins Davis opened his Classification Talk relating it to the 50s’-60s’ TV program This is Your Life.
He presented an extraordinary tale summarizing the impact of his foster family and the instilled beliefs that have led him to be so successful in his personal and professional life.  It is a story that many of the BBRC members would not have experienced, and the audience was in awe of the many lessons learned throughout Jenkins’ life.  His resiliency and determination are inspiring.
Jenkins was able to trace his family roots back to the era of slavery in Georgia, visiting the site of the family farm and locating long lost cousins in Waukegan.  His reality was one of learning how to succeed in a “white” world and leveraging every opportunity for an education and improvement.  In addition to an incredible foster family, Jenkins recognized and thanked others that had supported him and pushed him to be all that he could be with a Masters, PhD in Business Administration – Marketing, and VP of National Accounts at Komatsu and the proud father of a son and daughter.
To summarize: “…every challenge was an opportunity…”