Dr. Cynthia Maxwell

Dr. Cynthia Armendariz-Maxwell
Principal of Sunny Hill Elementary School
Directora de la Primaria Sunny Hill 
Phone: (847)426-4232
Best Time to Reach Me: before or after school 
El tiempo mejor para comunicar conmigo es antes o despúes del diá escolar.
Job Description-Elem Princ PDF
Sunny Hill Elementary School serves approximately 450
kindergarten through fifth grade students in a welcoming and nurturing environment. Our amazing school offers self-contained programming for general education, One-Way Immersion Spanish Dual Language, and Special Education classrooms.
Additionally, Sunny Hill supports students with a
variety of services including reading resource: English and Spanish, Extended classes: English and Spanish, speech and language therapy: English and Spanish, English Language Learning support: Biliteracy and English as a Second Language, Special Education resource classes: English and Spanish, occupational therapy, adaptive PE, full-time psychologist and
full time social work services, and Instructional Coaching support for Language Arts, Math, ESL, and Biliteracy.
Our academic program is rigorous for all as it is our goal to challenge all students academically and linguistically.
Cynthia personally thanked our club for actively participating in programs that have directly benefited the Sunny Hill Elementary School students. 
Thank you Cynthia - We love doing it!

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