BBRC has applied for a District 6440 multi-club grant.  This requires that we minimally get 5 other clubs to participate, donating 1000 each. We have already exceeded that goal (7 clubs). The District will match up to $5000. Additionally, if the grant involves empowering girls, we would be eligible for a 10% bonus. Our RI President is focusing on empowering girls this year. Supporting girls of the world can lift families, towns, and even countries out of poverty. 
The BBRC Grant is entitled "Brave: This Me." We are partnering with Rehab's Daughters, and our own Margaret wrote the grant with help from Suzanne (who has spearheaded this grant application) and Pat Boquist (who is Margaret's BBRC mentor). RD's battles human trafficking, with a big emphasis on prevention and education. The grant proposes a 1 day work shop for girls 8-18 years old. Candidates might be in foster families (70-80% of trafficked girls come from foster homes) or have been victims of violence, or abuse (including sexual).
The cost of the workshop is estimated as $100 per attendee. So with the matching $5000  (total $10,000) we could provide this workshop to 100 girls. Goal: To educate, empower, inspire and give the girls hope for a better life. It will include agenda items such as martial arts and human rights principles. Each girl will receive A bag of items that will help support what they have learned. 
We are targeting April for the first workshop. Rotarians will be asked to participate (pre-workshop planning & during the workshop).
We also had a brief discussion about how everyone's Holidays were.