WASH in Schools (WinS) Challenge Grant awarded jointly to
Barrington Breakfast Rotary Club and Club Rotario Guatemala Sur
Narayan Murarka, Barrington Breakfast Rotary Club, D-6440
Jorge Aufranc, Francisco Viau, Club Rotario Guatemala Sur, D-4250
Great news!!!  We won the competitive challenge grant.  The Rotary Foundation has awarded $552,500 to our team of Club Rotario Guatemala Sur, Rotary Club of Antigua and Barrington Breakfast Rotary Club for a grant addressing Water, Sanitation and Hygiene, WASH* in Schools (WinS).  *WASH - Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene
The competition was held between all Rotary clubs within five countries: Belize, Guatemala, India, Kenya and Honduras in two phases.  During phase I, 46 clubs applied and 13 of them moved to the next phase.   In phase Ii, 13 clubs applied, and four clubs were awarded grants.  We are privileged to be one of the four winners.
The grant integrates two Areas of Focus:  Water and Sanitation, Basic Education and Literacy.  Rotary International has issued a global challenge to improve education quality and access – particularly for girls – by working with communities to provide improved WASH services, teacher training, and curriculum enhancement.  It is important to leverage off from water and sanitation related efforts and connect them with health, hygiene and education.  Further details are available at this link:
The project outcome will transform and positively impact lives for children!!!
 Specific goals are:
  • clean filtered water and WASH stations for 16,000 - 20,000 children in about 48 schools in Sacatepéquez Department in Guatemala
  • access to gender segregated sanitary facilities with flush toilets and septic at each school
  • facilities for girls designed particularly to respond to their needs during the menstrual cycle
  • effective hygiene educational program to encourage habit formation and to promote behavioral changes
  • a menstrual hygiene management program focused on the biology of the menstruation cycle and safe practices
  • extensive training for menstrual hygiene – goal is to have girls stay in school
Total Project Funding - $552,500
Thanks to the Rotary Foundation who contributed $425,000 (77%) of project funding
The dollar value of the award, $552,500, is the largest for a grant ever for our district 6440, and possibly for zones 28 and 29 also. 
The award of this grant now presents an opportunity to begin putting all your plans into action to help children, with emphasis on improving education for girls.  In addition to active engagement by the host and international Rotary clubs, we have created alliances with municipal governments, school authorities and local community of the
Sacatepéquez Department in Guatemala.  We have a big challenge in front of us and we are up to it. Working together as a team, we will achieve our project goals.
                Jorge Aufranc BBRC Member                    Zone 27 Light Green                                   Zone 21 Purple
                         Jorge & Narayan
Jorge Aufranc, Francisco Viau, Club Rotario Guatemala Sur, D-4250 Rotary International director of Zones 21 & 27 (See maps above) and was made an honorary club member of BBRC in the above photo.
Narayan Murarka, Barrington Breakfast Rotary Club, D-6440 The BBRC member that was responsible for winning this incredible grant. 
We are grateful to our following partners who contributed the remaining funds.
These Rotary Districts contributed $58,500 in District Designated Funds (DDF)
6440, 7820, 4250, 6240, 6060, 5830, 7080, 7170
These Rotary Clubs and other entities contributed $69,000 in cash
  District 6440 Clubs ($33,450)           Clubs beyond District 6440 ($17,650)           Other Entities ($16,900)
  • Barrington Breakfast (Lead)        Dartmouth Rotary Club, D-7820                Foundation Coup de Coeur
  • Fox Valley Sunset                               Stephenville Rotary Club, D-7820             Banco Industrial, Guatemala     
  • Palatine                                               Mud Creek Rotary Club, D-7820                M & G Bostelmann Fund              
  • Crystal Lake Dawnbreakers             North Sydney Rotary Club, D-7820                                           
  • Libertyville Sunrise                            Kentville Rotary Club, D-7820                                                    
  • Northbrook                                         New Waterford Rotary Club, D-7820                                     
  • Cary Grove                                          Sydney-Sunrise Rotary Club, D-7820
  • Wilmette Harbor                                Sydney Rotary Club, D-7820                                       
  • Evanston Lighthouse                         Yarmouth Club, D-7820                                 
  • Schaumburg-Hoffman Est                Rotary Club of Bolton, D-7080
  •  Winnetka-Northfield                         Palm Beach Rotary Club, D- 6930
  •                                                               Overland Rotary Club, D-6060