Brag Bucks/ Happy Dollars:
Joe Connelly celebrated his daughter’s 22nd birthday.
Terry Cullum highlighted the winners of the costume contests at the Halloween party and again thanked the Keith Hansons for their hospitality.
Jack Caldwell recognized all of the work Suzanne Gibson has done/ is doing on the December 14 White House event.  And he wanted to thank Steve Hollis for arming him with the info he needed to get a great deal on a “pre-driven” Mercedes….he is offering rides!
Kris Young brought attention to the announcement that Rotarian Maria Peterson has made public her run for the Illinois State Senate.
Steve Hollis challenged the group with a “how many” quiz relating to the tradition he and his wife have of collecting walnuts each Fall from a family tree.  The most ever collected: 18,641; the least ever collected: 800.  Rotarian John Christian won the challenge by guessing closest to the 5489 number!
Where John Christian was lucky with the walnuts, he did not win the $54 pot by pulling the white marble.
Next Meeting:
All future 2021 BBRC meetings will be Hybrid as agreed to by the BBRC Board.  In person sessions will take place at Hanson’s Law Offices, 1000 Hart Road, #300, Barrington, and a Zoom link will be provided for each meeting for those joining remotely.  The sessions will begin at 7AM each Thursday morning with the exception of holidays.   A decision on 2022 meetings will be made after the first of the year.