BACT & BBRC Volunteers Remove Buckthorn at Barclay Woods

Did you know Martin Luther King Day was also a “National Day Of Service”?  In recognition of this day, we were joined by over 20 volunteers and restoration specialist, Dave Eubanks, for our restoration workday at our Far Field Nature Preserve.  We removed, cut and burned buckthorn and other invasive woody species from the site.
Volunteers were supplied work gloves, loppers and goggles and we had several bonfires to keep folks warm.  These uber volunteers, cleared enough buckthorn and other invasive species to keep three large piles of debris burning for two hours.
Volunteers help with buckthorn removal at Far Field Nature Preserve
With the help of our volunteers, this preserve is well on its way to returning to it’s natural state.  Previously, we have also had volunteers help with clearing the land, seeding with natives and planting of over 50 oak trees. The Far Field Nature Preserveis located at County Line (Lake Cook Road) and Old Sutton Roads in Barrington Hills.
For more information on buckthorn and the adverse impact it has on native plant species, read the Bluestem Ecological Services article below to find out why this invader must be removed in order to make the surrounding plants and trees thrive.
Story written by BACT Staff Members