Rotary Micro-Credit Program Overview

Narayan Murarka,

January 16, 2013

Barrington Breakfast Rotary Club (BBRC) is proud of its community service project, the Rotary Micro-Credit Program,which focuses on small loans ... often called micro-loans.

This project is about “helping those who are trying to help themselves.” It addresses and responds to the entrepreneurial spirit of individuals who need a helping hand.

Our goal is to attract motivated and focused people who are willing to work hard to uplift their life and that of their families.


The Rotary Micro-Credit Program offers these key features:It is for smaller amounts, it focuses on creating new sources of income, and it is personalized and customized to the opportunity at hand.

The loan (maximum amount of $5,000) is granted at modest interest rate (prime + two points) with full expectation of payback.It is exclusively for entrepreneurial activity – not personal consumption (such as food, rent, medical expenses etc.).

A Micro-Credit recipient must be an American Citizen or Green Card Holder and live or have business in a geographical area associated with Rotary District 6440.There are over 70 local Rotary Clubs in this area.Applicants should contact their local Rotary Club for sponsorship.

The key difference between Micro Loans and normal bank loans is that we at Barrington Breakfast Rotary Club being a service club offer mentoring.Once the Micro-Loan is granted, our club will assign a club member to serve as a Mentor.The Mentor will frequently talk with the loan recipient, assess progress, and offer advice or support as appropriate.

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