Speaker Presentation:
Joy Wagner is the founder of Neurobalance, 1529 S. Grove Avenue, Barrington , IL,.  Her presentation covered the services her 501(c)3 organization provides, and highlighted the realization of her dreams.  At the Neurobalance Center, the focus is on helping people contend with conditions that affect their mobility, balance, strength, gait, coordination & speech.  There is special attention paid to the often unseen needs of patrons.  Complementary services are available under one roof: nutrition, chiropractic, acupuncture, massage, meditation, yoga, Pilates, orthotic/ prosthesis consulting.
    Please view interior facility Images below
    Joy is rightfully proud of her business which has grown from 5000 services/ appointments for 350-500 patrons to 12,000 services for 1000 people in 2019.  While overcoming barriers in establishing her site and opening her business, she has found the majority of the Barrington community rallying around providing a place for comfort, growth and acceptance for many.  This is definitely another aspect of “inclusion.”
    As with many organizations, COVID closed Neurobalance March – May 2020.  Reopening in June and meeting all of the required protocols, Joy was delighted to welcome back many patrons who depend on their visit not only for physical assistance but social and mental support.  She also predicted that COVID will leave lingering impacts on people’s physical and mental conditions that will require future attention.
    In order to ensure affordable cash fees for the services not covered by insurance, Neurobalance depends upon up to ¾ of their budget coming from donations.
    Joy welcomed questions, and there were many.  She also invited the BBRC to tour her facility.  When asked how an individual might help, Joy indicated the following needs:
    • van drivers to get people to their appointments and back
    • assistants to walk people from and to their cars
    • extra hands for building sterilization/ clean up
    • Spring planting and exterior beautification such as the existing butterfly garden
    • any contact name within Blue Cross/ Blue Shield (or other primary insurance carriers) to review how her services can actually reduce eventual insurance costs if early intervention and surround support such as her organization provides were covered by insurance
    Jack Caldwell had recommended today’s speaker/ business after his impressive visit to the facility.