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Harper Promise Program Offers Free Tuition
Barrington Noon Rotary Club Minutes for January 23, 2017
The Barrington Noon Rotary Club welcomed two guests at their January 24 Club Meeting -- Michele Smith, Associate Provost/Special Assistant to the President for Diversity and Inclusion, and Pam Burke. 
During the meeting Chris Mitchell shared a summary of the ABC’s of Rotary event he attended at the corporate headquarters in Evanston.  The event attracted over 200 people from three area districts.  Chris noted that the Rotary International website has been improved.  Local clubs can now customize and print off Rotary brochures and flyers direct from the site that include their own photos.  There have also been a lot of changes to club regulations in an effort to help clubs grow membership and diversity.  Clubs now have more flexibility with the frequency, format and location of club meetings.  The changes are intended to help clubs attract a new audience. Chris also signed up to help on the organizing committee for the Shelter Box project.
Leslie Luther recapped the upcoming fundraiser.  The Casino Night has been changed to March 10.  More materials to help with fundraising will be available.  They will also be adding $500 and $250 sponsorship levels. Burke noted that Barrington Bank & Trust was committed to the $2,500 sponsorship level.
Michele Smith then presented on the Harper Promise Scholarship. The program began in March 2015 and promises two years of free college tuition at Harper to students willing to earn it during high school.
The Promise Scholarship requires students to reach certain benchmarks related to attendance, rigor, persistence and community service.  The program starts in the second semester of freshman year and tracks their performance through high school.  They have a set number of days they are allowed to miss; they must maintain a C or higher grade, they must graduate on time and they must perform numerous hours of community service each year of high school.
Smith said the program builds skills that serve students well in college and in life.  Upon completion of the benchmarks, the students are promised two free years of school at Harper for a 2-year degree or job certification.   Students and parents must sign on to the program by December 15 of the student’s freshman year.
After the first class, 54.9% are continuing with the program working on the required benchmarks.  Most students who dropped out of the program did not properly accomplish their community service hours.
During the meeting Burke also updated the group on some member activities; Joe Kelsch is recovering from his surgery and hopes to return January 31; Paul Berlin had hip replacement surgery and is improving at home; Juli Linnekin will have surgery in February. 
Rotarians Take CareePlace Field Trip: On January 17 the Barrington Noon Rotary Club took a field trip to CareerPlace at 600 Hart Rd., Barrington.  The center provides job search skills for outplaced employees on a membership basis.  Members can access a complete portfolio of job search services, training and workshops, and individual coaching while accessing computers and office support at the center.  CareerPlace dramatically reduces the out-of-work time for members by providing skills and support during the job search.
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Serving President Burke Groom called the meeting to order about 12:10.  District Assistant Nancy Sheperdson and Julianne Lambert from CareerPlace had joined the group as guests. 
Burke noted that next week on January 17 was our group fieldtrip to CareerPlace located at 600 Hart Rd.  The organizations helps outplaced workers find new jobs through interview, resume and other job search skills training.  Prior to the fieldtrip which begins at noon, Rotarian Michael Mann, who is a counselor at CareerPlace, will be hosting a workshop on LinkedIn for those interested in attending.
Nancy Sheperdson then presented Noon Rotary with a Certificate of Recognition for meeting the District and Club goals for our End Polio fundraising.
Leslie shared some updates on the Club’s fundraiser.  With the date nearing for a February Casino Night, the group discussed moving the date or considering a potential Bunny Walk/Run in spring.  Sentiment leaned towards continuing to pursue  the Casino night but moving the date further out to allow time to get marketing materials and recruit sponsorships. 
Dawn noted that she has been working on speakers for upcoming meetings and that we have many scheduled through May; including the Barrington High School Baseball Coach, a local assessor, a representative from the Barrington Conservation Trust, Windy City Bulls, the Harper Promise Program and more.
Burke noted that member Joe Kelsch is doing well and that Paul Berlin will be out having hip replacement surgery.  He encouraged the club to register for the ABC’s of Rotary January 23 at the Rotary Headquarters in Evanston.  The program is for new and experience Rotarians to learn about Rotary – our history, our customs and traditions, and the current status of our global programs.  
The group was informed that Club invoices have been mailed.
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Serving President Burke Groom called the meeting to order about 12:10.  There were no guests in attendance today and no program; instead the group will enjoy lunch and comradery and review upcoming Rotary news and events.  
According to Burke, there is no speaker next week and on Tuesday, January 17, the club will take a fieldtrip to CareerPlace.  Michael Mann noted that he teaches a LinkedIn course there and we would have a chance to explore their training facility and learn more about their services.  CareerPlace targets middle management and higher and provides job search training and support.  They can also provide small business with outplacement services for employees.  Their offices are located in the 600 Hart Rd. building.
Burke noted we are waiting for updates on our Casino Night Fundraiser set for Friday, February 17.  Some expressed concern regarding the short six-week window to prepare for this event and sell seats and sponsorships.  Paul noted that we have $19,000 currently in our Charities Fund, yet a higher amount of commitments.
Joe Kelsch is undergoing surgery this week.  A past District Governor, Mike Yesner, has passed away. Mike was 1995-1996 President of the Rotary Club of Skokie Valley and served District 6440 as District Governor in 2012-2013, and most recently as
Co-Membership Chair.
The ABC’s of Rotary is being offered on January 23 at the Rotary Headquarters in Evanston.  The program is for new and experience Rotarians to learn about Rotary – our history, our customs and traditions, and the current status of our global programs.  If provides a better understanding of  The Object of Rotary, our Four Way Test of the Things We Think, Say, or Do, and the concept of Service Above self.  If you are interested in gaining a greater insight into what it means to be part of the world’s first service organization, you are encouraged to register.  You also get an opportunity to explore the Evanston headquarters which is host to Rotarians from around the globe.
February 17 is Random Acts of Kindness Day and we are all encouraged to participate.  Rotarians interested in participating in a trip to the tenement in Guatemala trip being coordinated by the Barrington Breakfast Rotary should contact Mark Gibson.  This trip is different from the Hope’s In trips to Guatemala City where they build homes and bring medical care to families living off the city dump. 
Rotary is looking for volunteers to help coordinate their Shelter Box program.  These are large boxes that are delivered to areas hit by catastrophic natural disasters.  The boxes provide tents for shelter, food, cooking utensils and more that families can live off of for months.
The District Conference is scheduled for April 28 – 30 at the Marriott Lincolnshire; the Rotary International Conference is June 10 – 14 in Atlanta.
Larry noted he is leaving next Monday for his trip to Kenya.  He will be focusing on setting up a chicken business, and building a greenhouse.  He noted the area is suffering from the effects of a 2-year draught.
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Barrington Noon Rotary
Club Meeting November 29, 2016
President Anne Kristufek called the meeting to order about 12:05 with an early start to hear guest speaker Carol Wells, the Rotary End Polio Now (EPN) Chair. 
Carol is a member of the Wilmette Harbor Rotary and was appointed by Dist. 6440 Governor Rick Rivkin.  She had previously attended a Nigerian Polio trip with him and had the opportunity to attend Stopper Training from the CDC – a program where they train doctors and medical professionals to go into third-world countries to administer vaccines and help stop the spread of Polio. 
Carol noted that while Rotary may get lost in local news mentions in stories about the eradication of polio, that globally we are recognized, appreciated and known for this legacy.
Rotary started its mission to eradicate Polio in 1985.  In 1988, they formed a global partnership with organizations such as UNICEF, WHO, and the CDC.  At that time there were 350,000 cases, we are now down to just a handful.  The Rotary’s hand in eradicating this is known worldwide.
Eradication means elimination. Polio has been here since Egyptian times, and in the 1950s there was a horrific outbreak of Polio.  It was initially called infantile paralysis and the March of Dimes took on the effort to vaccinate against it.  1952 was the worst year, with 57,000 cases of Polio in the U.S.
While today we are down to a handful of cases, those cases are most often in areas where security is an issue – such as Pakistan and Afghanistan, where workers have been killed. 
With cases diminishing, there is now discussion and planning focused on how to continue and benefit from the Rotary Polio Legacy.  The legacy is in the infrastructure, global laboratory, volunteer network, response time, supply chain, trained workforce and more that Rotary has established as they have pursued Polio eradication.  Legacy planning is now underway to use the components of the Polio infrastructure for other important missions in the future.     
How can Rotarians help?  Carol noted that Rotary International encourages each Rotarian to contribute $60 a year to the cause.  For every donation, the Gates Foundation will match it by a 2 to 1 ratio.  You can make that donation by visiting
Eradicating Polio will be Rotary’s Legacy to the world – we should all share in that pride
Julie Linnekin of JourneyCare then introduced Jennifer Featon, Child Life Specialist, to the group.  Jennifer has taken over pediatric activities.  She talked about the upcoming December 3 JourneyCare Pediatric Holiday Gathering at The Stonegate Banquet & Conference Centre from 1:30 to 4:00p.m.  Volunteers are need.  About 144 attendees have registered so far.  Jennifer also thanked the group for supporting JC through our annual holiday shopping and noted that an enormous number of the JC families are struggling under the burden of medical expenses. 
Anne then made a few final announcements: Next week, December 6, is our club Holiday Lunch at the Garlands -- please arrive about 11:30 and please register online – the BHS Madrigals will be performing; On December 8 at 10 a.m. we will meet at the Walmart in Lake Zurich to do holiday shopping for needy children; Today is Giving Tuesday, we are all encouraged to support our favorite charities, and consider EPN and the Rotary Foundation; To help recruit more members, we were all encouraged to bring them to a service project; The Rotary Foundation has received a perfect non-profit rating for its management and structure.
The meeting ended with some discussion of district news and fun and frolics.
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Barrington Noon Rotary
Club Meeting November 15, 2016
President Anne Kristufek called the meeting to order about 12:15 and indicated we would get right into our program as the Board would be meeting as well after the general club assembly.  She noted we had two guests from the BHS Interact Club, students Fiona and Claire who would talk about Merry Meals.
Claire and Fiona noted that this year on December 10 they would be packing Merry Meals that would be sent to families in Guatemala who live and survive off the Guatemala City garbage dump.  Meals include rice, bran, vegetables and minerals, cost $.25 cents per meal and help reverse the effects of starvation. 
Last year they packed 28,972 meals and this year their goal is 50,000.  They indicated the Breakfast and Rotary Clubs would be competing for the most meals packed and encouraged us to come out and participate.  Packing will take place at the high school.  The region is the same area helped by the annual Hopes In fashion show.
Anne noted some upcoming opportunities.  On this Saturday, November 19, the Breakfast Club is looking for volunteer support to clean Northwest Highway.  If you can join them, meet at Makray at 7:45 a.m. that day. 
Dawn discussed the Rotary Foundation dinner she attended on November 13.  She said the Foundation has had many projects both globally and locally.  She was particularly touched by the Diaper Bank started by a local Rotarian to help people in need as food stamps and other state help do not cover diapers.
Martin discussed the poinsettia fundraiser and encouraged all to get their orders in by Friday, November 18.
Julie noted that the JourneyCare Holiday Party was coming up and needed volunteers on December 3 from 1 – 4 p.m. at the Stonegate. They were looking to have one Rotarian per table to act as hosts and helpers; and are hoping for 20 tables of attendees. Leslie indicated that Barrington United Way would donate 125 stuffed animals with partner GE Medical. 
Anne noted that Joe would be having back surgery soon and would be out of commission – Dawn asked if she could find out whether he might like some meals sent to his home by members.
The Holiday Shopping trip will be held on December 8 at 10 a.m. at the Lake Zurich Walmart; the Club Holiday lunch will be on December 6 starting at 11:30 a.m. to enjoy the Madrigals; on Monday, November 24 we will serve seniors at the Park District a Thanksgiving meal.
Anne noted that there was a total of 32 cases of polio worldwide.  Michael encourage more activity on club runner to help raise awareness.  Dawn volunteered to be secretary for the day at next week’s meeting.  She noted that today was National Adoption Day and encouraged us to visit to learn more.
Alexis gave a presentation on Hopes In and the Guatemala City community that lives off the dump.  The dump is the largest in the country.  Hopes In was started by the Quigley girls who had visited the area and then contacted a charitable group – Potters House – and wanted to raise money to build more homes for families living off the dump.  The raise money through an annual fashion show.  Their first year they built one house, then three, then five in their third year and this year their goal is 10 houses.  The homes cost about $8,000 each and are made of simple concrete walls painted yellow with tin roofs.  Members were asked to donate today and the club raised $650 and also presented a $500 check to Fiona and Claire.
Alexis noted that anyone can go on the Guatemala trip, costs about $2,500.  Anne said the dates this year were July 30 – August 6 and August 6 – August 13.
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Barrington Noon Rotary
Club Meeting November 8, 2016
President Anne Kristufek called the meeting to order about 12:25 with several opening announcements.
Upcoming Events and Announcements: Anne noted today was Club assembly – a recap of last night’s Board Meeting would be shared.  She recognized recent and upcoming birthdays for Dawn and Julie. 

Anne asked for some round-the-room updates. That led to a discussion on sharing individual member news about events and activities with other Club members. All agreed we would like to be informed of each other’s activities and agreed, within reason, members should feel free to share news with the Club through emails.  Michael indicated he would send an email with details on how to do that. Suzanne also asked whether we could add meeting recaps on the Club’s homepage to keep a flow of new content.  The group decided a preview or short summary of speakers coming to the Club would create a great news flow.  Suzanne also indicated the BACC Women’s Holiday Bliss luncheon was coming up on November 17. Denardo reminded us of the first Rahab’s Daughter’s gala on November 11.
Paul reviewed some budget and financial updates.  The Kenya balance was at $55,435 to be used on that project; Foundation at $25,000; and Lipofsky Fund at $78,197. Norval noted that we often do matching funds to member donations to charitable groups of their choice and asked whether we would do so again this Holiday season.  The decision was to be discussed. Paul noted we are short of real operating funds as our fundraiser has been moved into the New Year and there were still many outstanding dues payments. 
Chrissie recapped some news from the Rotary Summit she recently attended.  She found that many successful Clubs have a signature event that is repeated each year, so the ideas and process don’t have to be reinvented each year.  Arlington Heights has a very successful Santa Run, Palatine does an Oktoberfest etc. She also said Clubs are getting more flexible with their meeting times and locations, not necessarily meeting each month and also mixing it up. 
Anne indicated we had a goal this year of 12 new members and we had already recruited 4 – so keep inviting guests.  The need to get new members name badges was noted and will be pursued.
On January 17 the Club will have a field trip to CareerPlace to learn more about this community resource. Other upcoming events: On November 21 Club members are invited to the Park District to help serve Thanksgiving dinner to seniors; on December 7 we will host our Club Holiday lunch with entertainment from the BHS Madrigals at the Garlands; On November 9 the Barrington Area Community Foundation will host a program on their grant process.
Martin pitched the poinsettia sales and encouraged all to purchase and sell. 
Our Holiday Shopping day at Walmart will be held on December 8.  Anne was able to get a $2,500 Walmart grant to add to our $1,500 to shop for local needy children.  On December 3 we are encouraged to support and volunteer for the JourneyCare Pediatric Holiday Party at The Stonegate.
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Posted on Aug 01, 2016


The Barrington Noon Rotary and local leaders honored Carol Beese, former BACC President/CEO and longtime Barrington Rotarian during a special luncheon last week at the Garlands.

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The Barrington Noon Rotary Awards Grants to Local Organizations.  Barrington Noon Rotary has awarded grants to nine area charitable organizations totaling about $13,000.  Local organizations that received grants were: Barrington Area Conservation Trust, Barrington Leads, Barrington Police Benevolent Association, Career Place, Barrington Youth & Family Services, FISH,  FitMS, Love Inc, and Ron Wilmering Scout Cabin. 
Grant Awards to Local Not-For-Profit Organizations 2016-06-01 00:00:00Z 0
On Monday, May 9, 2016, Rotary Club of Barrington Past President Alexis Portugal, attended the BHS Scholarship Night to present the 2016 Hugh Frebault Scholarship.  She awarded Jacob Gascho, a BHS Senior, with the 2016 Hugh Frebault Scholarship Award of $2,000.  The scholarship is for $1,000 and is intended to be awarded to a graduating senior who is attending Harper College.  The student should be in the top 25% of the class, demonstrate financial need, and an interest in leadership and service.  The $1,000 scholarship is renewable for a second year
We wish Jacob well.  Congratulations on your award!
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Posted by Joseph (Joe) Kelsch on Mar 10, 2016
Meeting Features: A fantastic meal (baked sole w/crab stuffing, garlic mashed potatoes, roasted vegetables and cherry pie), an inspiring presentation and stimulating discussion were enjoyed by the 13 Rotarians and 2 guests--Boy Scout Ian Mckeirnan and his father, Edwin--in attendance.
Guest Presentation: Ian McKeirnan, a 12 year old Boy Scout with St. Anne Troop 29, described his upcoming April trip to Nepal to participate in the Venture Medical International Relief Organization's gathering to distribute medical supplies and related equipment to those suffering from the after-effects of the recent earthquake that devastated significant parts of that country. Ian has raised more than $3300 toward his goal of $4,000. The money is being used to purchase three sizes of medical aid kits--costing $7, $14 and $25 each--which he will take with him to Nepal. Club members were very impressed with Ian's maturity and accomplishment in organizing this ambitious project, especially his commitment to service in helping those in need. You can help Ian realize his goal by writing a check to "Ian Mckiernan" and give it to President Groom who will forward it to Ian. (Note: At the March 8th evening Board meeting, it was agreed that our club would match member contributions up to a  total of $350.00.) Please consider a donation to help Ian reach his goal.
Announcements and Reminders / President Groom:
* BACC Community Expo is Sunday, April 3rd, at Barrington High School from 11:00 to 4:00 pm. Our Club has an opportunity to share a table booth with the Breakfast Club--provided we have volunteers available to represent the Club for a few hours each. Please e-mail Burke if you can serve our club at the Expo.
* Alexis Portugal is recovering from a recent hospital stay. She hopes to soon return to work on a full-time basis, and would appreciate get-well wishes from members. We miss her cheerful presence.
* Upcoming programs include:"Safe house for Alpacas" on March 15th; and "Suicide Awareness and Prevention" on March 29th.
* Breakfast Rotary Gala Fundraiser is April 23rd. Our club will pay for a ticket for any Rotarian wishing to attend.
Club Discussion / President-Elect Kristufek:
Members were grouped by table, and asked to consider suggestions for improving the club and attracting new members. Chris Mitchell and Jim Arie summarized member comments which recommended further consideration of the following:
* Emphasize increased member participation in club service projects as essential to being a Rotarian.
* Vary meeting times / format--possibly include a monthly evening (after-work) social meeting.
* Schedule more interesting program presentations to encourage improved member attendance.
* Sponsor events, like our prior Financial Forums and other speaker events, that would have broad appeal to the business and education community.
* Explore opportunities for joint activities and projects with the Breakfast Club.
Raffle: Carol Beese drew Paul Berlin's ticket. Alas, he picked a clear marble, and the pot rolls over.
Four important things to do next week:
1) Learn all about Alpacas at our March 15th club meeting.
2) Contribute to Ian Mckiernan's Nepal disaster relief mission.
3) Volunteer to help at our club booth at the BACC Expo on April 3rd.
4) Vote in Tuesday's Primary Election! 
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It's a Most Wonderful Time of the Year

On Saturday afternoon, December 5th, Barrington Noon Rotarians, spouses, friends, and family joined the JourneyCare Pediatrics Program staff to host the annual Holiday Party for families involved in the program.  
The event was held at the Stonegate Conference and Banquet Centre in Hoffman Estates which was beautifully decorated in the spirit of the season.  Fun filled activities included the magic of Scott Piner, cookie and ornament decorating for the kids, a Holiday carol sing-along, and of course, an appearance by the jolly old man in red, Santa Claus, with presents for all of the boys and girls.
A special thanks to local photographer Bob Lee, who captured some special moments from the event and has shared them with us at this link:
Barrington Noon Rotary Sponsors JourneyCare Pediatrics Holiday Party Norm May 2015-12-05 00:00:00Z 0
On Tuesday, 11/10/15, members from the Barrington Noon Rotary Club visited the Barrington High School Incubator class to see the newly created meeting room that the Club donated funds to help improve.  The room looks fantastic!  We also had an opportunity to talk to some of the students who are enrolled in the program during their class period.  There are some fantastic ideas and new businesses in the works! Good job students!
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Posted on Sep 20, 2015
Celebrating its 55 year birthday as a Local Service Organization, a spirited welcome was given to guests of the Barrington Noon Rotary Club’s annual fundraiser as everyone received a beer mug courtesy of event sponsor, Barrington Bank & Trust, upon arrival.
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Honoring local police officers and fire fighters, the Barrington Noon Rotary Club held a special luncheon and ceremony at the Public Safety Building September 9th.
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Rotary Welcomes Habitat for Humanity 2015-08-18 00:00:00Z 0
Posted on Aug 11, 2015
Oktoberfest LogoThe Barrington Noon Rotary is pleased to announce this year’s fundraiser, Oktoberfest, scheduled Friday, September 18th 2015 at The Great Hall at The Onion Pub in Lake Barrington. The night will be filled with live entertainment, tastings, dinner and plenty of fun!
For tickets to the event,  please visit
We are hoping you will consider sponsoring our event this year.  As in year’s past, our annual fundraiser helps us grant important support to community programs, organizations and projects including, the Barrington High School Business Incubator Program, the Flint Creek Dream Way Project, JourneyCare’s Youth Palliative Care and more.
Support Levels:
$5,000 Event sponsorship (quantity 1)
 - Special table of 12 (larger than standard)
 - Special centerpiece (largest & unique)
 - Name on Beer Stein
 - Name in pre and post event coverage as Event sponsor
 - Special ‘how it is made’ tour for group with tastings
 - Full Page program ad on inside front or back cover
$2,500 Signature sponsorships (quantity 3)
- Reserved Table of 8
- Special centerpiece
- Name on welcome signage as ‘signature’ sponsor
-  ‘How it is made’ tour for guests
- Mentions as sponsor in pre and post event coverage
- Full-page ad in program
$1,000 Alpine sponsors (quantity 3)
- Six Seats
- Private VIP Tour
- Recognition at event
- ½ Page ad in program
$750 Cheers sponsors (quantity 5)
- Four Seats
- Toast to business at Beer Garden Welcome
- Mention in post event coverage
- ½ Page ad in program
$500 Stein sponsors (quantity 10)
- Two seats to event
- ¼ page ad in program
$250 Token sponsors (quantity 10)
- ¼ page ad in program
Barrington Noon Rotary Announcs Oktoberfest 2015-08-12 00:00:00Z 0
Rotary Inducts Newest Member - Leslie Luther of the Barrington Area United Way 2015-08-12 00:00:00Z 0
Posted on Jul 27, 2015
President of Barrington Noon Rotary, Burke Groom, with Countryside Association Interim Executive Director, Howard Reicheneker.  The Barrington Noon Rotary Club presented Countryside Association with a grant which will allow the organization to purchase scales to help package products more efficiently.
Visit for more information on Countryside Association for People with Disabilities.
Donation to Countryside Association 2015-07-28 00:00:00Z 0
Posted on Jul 27, 2015
Barrington Noon Rotary President, Burke Groom, and Barrington Noon Rotary Past President, Joe Kelsch, pictured alongside Barrington Area Conservation Trust Representatives, Susan Lenz and Lisa Woolford. The Barrington Noon Rotary Club presented the Barrington Area Conservation Trust with a grant which will assist the organization in establishing a hands-on educational program for Barrington High School Students to learn about Flint Creek, which runs behind the Barrington High School Football Stadium all the way past the Varsity Baseball Field.
Visit: for more information on BACT.
Barrington Area Conservation Trust 2015-07-28 00:00:00Z 0
Posted on Jul 20, 2015
The Barrington Noon Rotary Club President, Burke Groom, with Career Place Executive Director, Chris Campbell.  The Rotary Club awarded Career Place with a grant that will help the local not-for-profit organization purchase three (3) new computers for their agency which helps unemployed professionals achieve success in the job search process.
Visit for more information on Career Place.
Donation to Career Place 2015-07-21 00:00:00Z 0
Posted on Jun 03, 2015
We welcomed to the meeting Rotarians Rena, Larry, Tim, Suzanne, Burke, Brian, Ralph, Joe, Anne, Jason, Kurt, Norm, Alexis and Gene.  President Larry then opened the meeting by greeting our only visitor, “friend of the club” Pam Groom.
Today’s meeting was a club assembly. A fair amount of discussion centered on the club’s new grant process. The club had 13 different organizations request grants for this spring. A committee consisting of Paul Berlin, Rena, and Larry Barnett made recommendations to the board, resulting in awards to nine organizations totaling $12,000. A list of all grant applicants was distributed to club members. It was decided to invite 3-4 of the organizations to regularly-scheduled meetings over the next several weeks. When each organization is presented with their grant, they will be provided an opportunity to share some information about their organization.
June 2 Meeting Minutes 2015-06-04 00:00:00Z 0
Rotary President Larry opened with meeting reviewing some important upcoming dates including:
June 1 Board Meeting at the Chamber offices
June 2 Club Assembly at the Garlands
June 3 Boy Scout Breakfast at the Garlands honoring Karen Darch
June 12 Love of God Foundation Dinner at Marquardt
June 23 NO Meeting
June 25 Installation Luncheon for Incoming President Burke Groom and Board at Francesca’s
May 26 Meeting Minutes 2015-06-02 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Corr on May 21, 2015
Rotarians had a special appearance today by Joyce Palmquist of the Barrington Area Council on Aging and husband Doug Saylor who performed a variety of country, folk and humorous tunes for the audience.  The duo do perform around town at the Farmers Market, for BACOA events and other events.
May 19 Meeting Minutes Corr 2015-05-22 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by BG on May 17, 2015
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From, your President-Elect - ?????  Guess who  ?????
TEST FOR NO MEETING BG 2015-05-18 00:00:00Z 0
May 12 Meeting Minutes
Attendance:  Paul, Norm, Joe, Burke, Dawn, Jim, Renee, Kurt, Caroll, Ralph, Andrew, Alexis, Frank, Tim, Jason, Suzanne
Rotary President Larry Barnett opened the meeting by welcoming some guests:  Mack Robinson, Peter Glan, and Jim from the Breakfast Club.  Jim from Breakfast Rotary indicated that he would be interested in speaking about his new book, “Unintended Impact,” about concussions and his families struggle, with the effects and the loss of his brother.
Larry noted some upcoming events:  The Love of God fundraising dinner June 12 at Marquardt – the Club will pay for members interested in going; he asked all to check out the Duty Roster on the website.
Next, Membership Chair Frank McGovern announced that new member Andrew Burdett would be inducted today.  Andrew was sponsored by Larry.  He was pinned and sworn in to observe the “Service Above Self” moto and all welcomed him with a Rotarian parade.
The floor was then turned to Frank McGovern, who did a presentation on the “ABCs of Rotary.” 
Frank noted that Rotary was started in 1905 by a Chicago businessman Paul Harris who wanted to bring professionals together to network and serve their communities. The name Rotary originally came as they rotated their meetings between different offices.
Rotary has 3,200 clubs in 168 countries and 1.2 million members.  There are three parts to Rotary: individual Rotary Clubs, Rotary International that support worldwide projects and research (headquarters are in Evanston); and the Rotary Foundation that funds all kinds of aid and matches club grants for certain projects
The Guiding Principles of Rotary are: Encourage service in our communities; have high ethical standards in business and professionally; apply our commitment to service and high standards to our everyday lives; help advance world peace and better understanding.  The 4-way test is an important measurement: Is it the truth? Is it fair to all concerned?  Will it build goodwill and better friendships?  Is it beneficial to all concerned?
Individual Rotary Clubs focus on: Club Service, what the club does locally strengthens the club; Vocational Service, working with integrity; Community Service – our local projects such as our work for JourneyCare; International Service – projects with a global reach such as our efforts to eradicate polio, our many projects in Kenya such as projects for clean water and literacy, growing the local economy, helping mothers and children and more ; and Youth Services – our Interact group and our new Early Act club.
Why join Rotary?  Members join to better understand their communities; to grow professionally; to network and expand our fellowship; to promote world understanding; to encourage an ethical environment. 
Who are our members?  A cross-section of different professionals, business and community leaders. 
At the Club level we have leadership and volunteer opportunities to serve on the Board of Directors, on committees like fundraising, public relations, youth programs, membership and recruiting, the foundation and more.  Committees identify projects, lay plans, but group members must get involved and help orchestrate the projects.
Through the Club there are many avenues of service to get involved in.  All members are encouraged to get involved in something, involve our families in the service as well.  Every Rotarian is responsible for improving life in our community. 
Larry noted that next week our speakers will be Joyce Palmquist of Barrington Council on Aging.  Raffles were picked and the group adjourned.
May 12 Meeting Minutes 2015-05-18 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Suzanne Corr
President Larry Barnett opened the meeting announcing that today was Club Assembly after last night’s Board Meeting, a chance to update the group.  He also recognized a guest Susan Avello from a Rotary Club in Alabama.
1.  Anne Kristufek proceeded with the Secretary’s Report.  Anne recapped the July 4th Parade efforts being coordinated by Dawn Detelich.  Dawn was proceeding with a 60s theme, and had presented tye dye t-shirts with the Rotary emblem and a peace sign.  She had connected with Kurt Marquardt about the trailer and decorations.  They are planning on having Beach Boys music for the ride.  Larry shared the t-shirt graphics and all liked the concept
2.  Questions were raised about any Brat Tent involvement with the Lions.  They do have a signup sheet and are looking for volunteers – so any interested Rotarians were encouraged to follow through.
3.  Larry noted that Andrew Burdett of Servicemaster had been approved as an incoming member.  He will be inducted next week.  All applauded him.  It was also noted that next week Frank McGovern will present “The ABCs of Rotary.”
4. The September 18 Fundraiser was noted. A Save the Date is being prepared.  The theme will be Oktoberfest.
5. Norm May then discussed Club Service.  He noted that the JourneyCare (JC) bowling event was well received and that our members are getting to know the families better.  He said 8 Rotarians attended and encouraged more to get involved next time.  He also discussed the ongoing efforts for our Rotary to partner with JC in a bigger way, helping them with needs by plugging into the Rotary network.  He recapped a recent success in this areas -- when JC told us about a patient that needed a bed removed from their McHenry home and he emailed 4 groups and Rotarians from Woodstock handled the job above and beyond.  It illustrated the power of our network.  Norm also mentioned that May 29 was the tentative date for a JC Staff Appreciation cookout at Citizen’s Park, but when it was noted that was also the date of High School Graduation, they may look into another date.
Norm also noted that Early Act was up and running at Roslyn Rd. School and that the students were conducting a food and clothing drive for Guatemala.  Also, the Duck Race was slated for August 8; the Halloween Party for November 1, and the Holiday Party for December 5, which they are looking at having at Stonegate because of the larger expected attendance.  It was also noted that Joe and Norm attended the Incubator open house which had visitors from local school as well as a school in Galveston, TX; and our decision to help fund the remodeling of the incubator room.
6. Larry then discussed that the Breakfast Rotary had a successful Kite flying event and that we are working with them on a join Global Grant for Guatemala that receives matched funds from the District and the Foundation.  The funds will be used to build a brand new community center.  The Guatemala trip this year will be two weeks – anyone interested in going is encouraged to follow through. 
7. Larry shared information about our Hugh Frebault Scholarship winner, Juan Trigores will receive $1,000 to attend Harper.  His application indicated the important work ethic he received from his parents and his strong desire to achieve a higher education.
8. The Grant status was then discussed.  Larry noted that we have received about 13 applications for grants from a variety of organizations asking for a range of funding.  The applications will be reviewed by a subcommittee who will make funding recommendations to the Board for approval.  Larry indicated that for those that we do fund, we would like to appoint a Rotarian to do some follow up and determine whether we can get more involved in these organizations on a volunteer basis.
9. The International Literacy Grant Larry has been working on was discussed.  The grant will fund a high school education for several students in Kenya and help initiate 3 small businesses.  The Board approved partial funding in the amount of $2,000 for Larry to go and work on the project as well as an important water project there.
10. A recap of some important dates was reviewed; June 12 is the Marquardt Love of God fundraising dinner, anyone interested in going should notify Larry; May 29 is the potential Staff Appreciation event; June 3 is a special Boy Scout Breakfast honoring Rotarian Karen Darch, Barrington Village President; June 27 in the Installation dinner for the new District Governor; and July 4th is the parade.
11.  Finally, it was noted that we must make our annual contributions to the Annual Fund and the End Polio campaign.  We also sent $500 to Rochelle IL for tornado relief and $1,000 for a shelter box for earthquake relief in Nepal.  The meeting was adjourned.
Meeting Notes for May 5, 2015 Suzanne Corr 2015-05-11 00:00:00Z 0
Posted on Mar 13, 2015

President-Elect Burke Groom and President Nominee Anne Kristufek attended the District 6440 President Elect Training Seminar this weekend.
Both reported that the training provided significant insights into Rotary and a number of new ideas for running our Club.
Our Future Club Presidents Attend President Elect Training Norm May 2015-03-14 00:00:00Z 0
Happy March everyone!  We enjoyed seeing our Rotary friends today including: Larry, Carol, Tim, Paul, Suzanne, Burke, Ralph, Anne, Jason L., Norm, Chrissie, and Karen.
Guests in attendence included Chris Mitchell and Dawn Detelich.  Both Chris and Dawn have submitted applications for membership in our club!  We look forward to having you join our family of Rotarians and helping us perform the Rotary works in our community and around the world.
We missed Rotary friends: Jim, Rena, John C., John G., Michael, Brian, Joe, Kurt, Reese, Frank, Dick, Gary, Alexis, Jason T., Gene and Dave. We hope you are well and hope to see you soon.
Meeting Date - 2015-03-10 Burke Groom 2015-01-22 00:00:00Z 0
Presenting the Barrington Noon Rotary Club 2014-10-13 00:00:00Z 0
Posted on Sep 18, 2014

 After many months of planning and execution, we did it. Our fall fundraising event to support the JourneyCare Pediatrics Program and the Barrington High School Business Incubator Program was a huge success.  It was a wonderful evening of fun and music as "Dean Martin", "Frank Sinatra", and "Sammy Davis Jr." took us on a journey back in time to the days of the Rat Pack.  
For more photos from the event click here
We Did It Our Way - "A Night at the Sands" Norm May 2014-09-19 00:00:00Z 0
Posted on Sep 07, 2014
Thank You to Barrington's First Responders

Sept. 8th event at Public Safety Building honors members of village police and fire departments

Wanting to honor local police officers and fire fighters, the Barrington Noon Rotary Club  held a special luncheon and ceremony at the Public Safety Building (400 N. Northwest Highway in Barrington) beginning at 12 noon on Monday, Sept. 8th. The 90-minute event paid tribute to the men and women of both departments, acknowledging their bravery and service in conjunction with the nation’s annual remembrance of the terrorist attacks of 9/11/2001.
“Fire and police officials risk their personal safety every day as first responders when Barrington-area residents are in need,” said Alexis Portugal, president of the Noon Rotary Club. “Our club adheres to the Rotary motto of ‘Service above Self,’ which also characterizes these brave men and women who selflessly protect our communities. It is appropriate for us to recognize our local heroes to coincide with this national commemoration.”
The noon event began with a light lunch from Heinen’s Fine Foods of Barrington for all available police and fire department members, hosted by the Rotarians. Following the meal, the President Larry Barnett acknowledged Fire Chief Jim Arie, village officials Karen Darch, Gene Dawson, and Dave Nelson, as well as the police, fire, EMT and administrative staff in attendance.
Annual Luncheon to Honor Barrington’s Emergency Responders Norm May 2014-09-08 00:00:00Z 0
Barrington Village Board President Karen Darch will discuss the state of the village and topics of interest when she addresses our Club at our regularly scheduled lunch meeting on July 29th at 12:05 PM.  Our meetings are held in the Performing Arts Center of the Garlands. 
Barrington Village President Karen Darch to Address Rotary Norm May 2014-07-24 00:00:00Z 0
The Barrington High School Interact Club sponsored the "Hope's In Flight" frisbee toss at the May 3rd Kid's Fest as a way to raise funds and awareness for their efforts to help the children and families who live in a garbage dump in Guatemala City.  
BHS Interact Club Reaches Out to the Communnity Norm May 2014-05-10 00:00:00Z 0
Our Noon Rotary Club Supports the Barrington Relay for Life Norm May 2014-03-18 00:00:00Z 0
Posted on Oct 28, 2013
The Barrington Noon Rotary Club continues to move closer to 100% Paul Harris Fellow participation with the October 29th, 2013 recognition ceremony of two of it's latest members to achieve that status.
Members Jason Leppin (second from right) and Norm May (far left) join Club President Alexis Portugal and President Elect Larry Barnett to receive their official recognition certificate and pin.
Paul Harris Fellow contributions to The Rotary Foundation are essential to securing and growing Rotary programs throughout the world.
Jason Leppin and Norm May Move Club Closer to 100% Paul Harris Fellow Participation Norm May 2013-10-29 00:00:00Z 0
It's time once again for the Club's annual poinsettia sale to support the eradication of Polio.  Details and an order form can be found by clicking here.
ORDER BY 11/18/13 for pick up on Saturday 11/30/13 from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon at Barrington Citizen’s Park, located on Lake Zurich Road just northwest of the Barrington Area Library; OR talk to your Rotary contact person to arrange delivery.  Be sure to be there for delivery – Poinsettias don’t like cold weather!
Beautiful Poinsettias Just In Time for the Holidays Norm May 2013-10-14 00:00:00Z 0
Thank You to Barrington's First Responders

Sept. 11 event at Public Safety Building honors 35 members of village police and fire departments

Wanting to honor local police officers and fire fighters, the Barrington Noon Rotary Club  held a special luncheon and ceremony at the Public Safety Building (400 N. Northwest Highway in Barrington) beginning at 12 noon on Wednesday, Sept. 11. The 90-minute event paid tribute to the men and women of both departments, acknowledging their bravery and service in conjunction with the nation’s annual remembrance of the terrorist attacks of 9/11/2001.
“Fire and police officials risk their personal safety every day as first responders when Barrington-area residents are in need,” said Alexis Portugal, president of the Noon Rotary Club. “Our club adheres to the Rotary motto of ‘Service above Self,’ which also characterizes these brave men and women who selflessly protect our communities. It is appropriate for us to recognize our local heroes to coincide with this national commemoration.”
The noon event began with a light lunch from Heinen’s Fine Foods of Barrington for all available police and fire department members, hosted by the Rotarians. Following the meal, the Rotarians acknowledged Police Chief Dave Dorn, Fire Chief Jim Arie, village officials Karen Darch and Jeff Lawler as well as 35 police, fire, EMT and administrative staff.
Noon Rotary Club Honors Barrington’s Emergency Responders Jeff Arnett 2013-09-11 00:00:00Z 0
Thank You from Everyone at JourneyCare
Thanks to the many volunteers and staff, the 20th annual JourneyCare for Children Duck Races were a huge success.  
And thanks in no small part to our Club members who volunteered, the VIP Area received rave reviews from the program families who participated.  
Check out these links for more on the event and to see some great photos of our members in action.  
Thanks Rotarians - JourneyCare Duck Races Huge Success Norman May 2013-08-13 00:00:00Z 0
Rotary supports ShelterBox Response Team in Peru Reese Mates 2012-05-17 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Reese Mates on May 16, 2012
The new Rotary year is fast approaching with lot's of options for service. Don't forget our big responsibilities of the Brat tent and our annual fundraiser are in planning mode right now, jump in and let us know what you can do, or ask the team captain for more information.

Upcoming events, projects and volunteering opportunities are on our website calendar, check your calendar's to find out how much time you can fit in to further at least one project. 


What project are YOU going to help further in our club? Get involved! Reese Mates 2012-05-17 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Burke Groom on Mar 11, 2012
Make plans now to attend the District Conference at the fabulous Pfister Hotel in Milwaukee. This is a great opportunity to make new Rotary friends and share the Rotary experience with your family and fellow members of your club.
District Conference! Burke Groom 2012-03-12 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Reese Mates on Dec 28, 2011
Rotarians from Cagayan de Oro and Iligan, towns in Mindanao that were worst affected by Typhoon Washi on 16 December, have offered their assistance to the ShelterBox Response Team (SRT) on deployment in the Philippines to help put up ShelterBox tents.

Rotary and ShelterBox working together in the Philippines Reese Mates 2011-12-28 08:47:10Z 0
"We were in Van, Turkey when we felt violent shaking and saw people running.." Reese Mates 2011-11-10 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Burke Groom on Nov 08, 2011
"Begin challenging your own assumptions. Your assumptions are your windows on the world. Scrub them off every once in awhile, or the light won't come in."
Quote of the Month - Who Said It? Burke Groom 2011-11-09 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Burke Groom on Oct 31, 2011
 The Barrington Noon Rotary Club presented three local charities with the largest donations ever given by the club in its 51-year history on Tuesday, Nov. 1 at The Garlands of Barrington.
Rotary Donates $31,500 to 3 local charities Burke Groom 2011-11-01 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Burke Groom on Oct 30, 2011
It's time for the Barrington Rotary Charities "Poinsettias Fight Polio" campaign.  Again, we are selling beautiful 6" - 12" poinsettia plants to help eradicate polio.  For an order form, please click HERE
Poinsettias Fight Polio Burke Groom 2011-10-31 00:00:00Z 0
Our "Actor" Burke Groom 2011-10-17 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Burke Groom on Oct 10, 2011
A father/son duo with ties to Barrington and Lake Zurich have successfully climbed 19,340 feet to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro in northeastern Tanzania, Africa while raising funds to dig new drinking wells in Kenya.
Father and Son Climb Mt. Kilimanjaro Burke Groom 2011-10-11 00:00:00Z 0
District Bulletin Burke Groom 2011-09-13 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Burke Groom on Aug 24, 2011

Members of Rotary District 6440 have the opportunity to participate in a final push to make India polio-free! District 6440 has committed to send a team to India in early 2012 to participate in the next scheduled National Immunization Days (NID).  To learn more, read on...

Rotary NID in India Burke Groom 2011-08-25 00:00:00Z 0
Barrington Youth & Family Services Soccer Tournament Burke Groom 2011-08-10 00:00:00Z 0
Kenya Water for Life Project Burke Groom 2011-05-08 19:20:16Z 0
Japanese authorities express ‘deepest respect’ for ShelterBox’s work Reese Mates 2011-03-28 00:00:00Z 0
President Reese Mates in the news Reese Mates 2011-02-12 00:00:00Z 0
Barrington Noon Rotarians get ducky for JourneyCare Norman May 0
Posted by Norman May

Our new Club Secretary, Anne Kristufek (left), was honored at today's meeting when she was presented with her certificate and pin as our newest Paul Harris Fellow.  Anne joined our Club approximately 18 months ago, and immediately engaged in supporting Club activities and projects in true Service Above Self form. 

Presenting the award is Sarah Oliver, our new Governor of District 6440.      

Our Newest Paul Harris Fellow, Ann Kristufek Norman May 0
Interact celebrates 50th Birthday Norman May 0
Posted by Norman May

Long time Barrington Noon Rotary Club member (30 years), Michael Graft was recently honored for attaining the Paul Harris +5 status.  And Michael's daughter Mary was also honored for her status as Paul Harris +1.



Michael Graft Honored for Paul Harris +5! Norman May 0
Posted by Norman May

We are pleased to welcome Alexis Portugal as our Club President for the 2013 - 2014 Rotary Year.  Alexis has been an active member in our Club for 7 years. For more insights and to watch a brief video of the induction ceremony, click the "More" link. 


Welcome Our New Club President, Alexis Portugal Norman May 0
Local Scouts Help Spread The Word To Get Prepared Reese Mates 0
Posted by Burke Groom
On Tuesday, February 12, 2013, the Barrington Noon Rotary Club inducted its newest member, Tim Bergan.Image
Welcome Tim Bergan! Burke Groom 0
Conflict and Cooperation in the 21st Century Norman May 0
Posted by Burke Groom

ImageFire and police officials in Barrington were honored on Tuesday, September 11 by community members and the Barrington Noon Rotary Club. 

The event was held in conjunction with the 11th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. 

“Fire and police officials risk their personal safety every day on behalf of Barrington-area residents,” said Joe Kelsch Sr., president of the Noon Rotary Club. “Our club adheres to the Rotary motto of ‘Service above Self,’ which also characterizes these brave men and women who selflessly protect our communities. It is appropriate for us to honor our local heroes to coincide with this national commemoration.”

Lunch at the event was provided by Heinen's Fine Foods. Commemorative plaques were presented by Rotarians to Police Chief Jerry Libit, Fire Chief Jim Arie and village officials Karen Darch and Jeff Lawler.

For the complete story and pictures, click on the Barrington Patch website:
Barrington Celebrates its True Heros Burke Groom 0
Posted by Burke Groom
In Barrington schools, dealing with rough economic times and declining enrollment, as well as transitioning into a technology-focused world remain the biggest challenges that lie ahead, officials said Tuesday.
District 220 Talks Challenges Burke Groom 0
Doing something is better than nothing...... Reese Mates 0
6440 ShelterBox team top national fundraisers Reese Mates 0
Chicago Rotarian climbs Mount Kilimanjaro Reese Mates 0
ShelterBox aids families in Pakistan Reese Mates 0
Club Board Members 2012-2013 0
Joe Connelly and Carl Walsh Honored Rick Wokoun 0
Posted by Rick Wokoun

The May/June Quintessential Barrington Magazine featured Reese Mates' visit to Countryside Elementary School for a ShelterBox demonstration.  The kids raised $450 towards a ShelterBox through cookie sales!  

Reese Mates - ShelterBox Demonstration Rick Wokoun 0
Posted by Rick Wokoun
The May/June Quintessential Barrington Magazine featured Carol, Rick, Belinda and Reese receiving a Special Proclamation recognizing our Club's 50th Anniversary from Barrington Village President Karen Darch.
Village of Barrington Proclamation Rick Wokoun 0
Kenya in the News Burke Groom 0
Posted by Burke Groom

It is with great sadness, that we must report that Rotarian and PDG Hugh Frebault passed away Saturday, May 15, 2010.

Passing of Hugh Frebault Burke Groom 0
Posted by Steven Kuehl
We all know about how much the Gates Foundation is helping Rotary...but just listen to what the Gates Foundation does in addition.  Click on the following link to understand more about how the Gates Foundation is helping fight Polio in the annual letter: STORY
Polio Eradication - The Gates Foundation Steven Kuehl 0
Shelter Box Story (Courier) Reese Mates 0
Posted by Burke Groom
The weekend of 10/16 -10/18 the Noon Club helped the Breakfast Club raise money and awareness for the fight against polio.
Polio Bucket Collecting Burke Groom 0
Kenya Update Burke Groom 0
Welcome Cristobal Smith Burke Groom 0
Posted by Burke Groom
The Rotary Club of Barrington was pleased to welcome District 6440's newest Governor, Bill Ferreria and Assistant Governor, Bill Shuberth.
Governor Bill's Visit Burke Groom 0
Carol Thompson-Erker picks BLACK marble! Burke Groom 0
Memorial Day Parade 2009 Burke Groom 0
2009 Installation Dinner Burke Groom 0
Posted by Reese Mates
John Anderson, our Interact Sponsor at BHS, retired this year as the BHS jewelry teacher and Interact Sponsor.
Farewell to John Anderson Reese Mates 0
Posted by Burke Groom
The Rotary Club of Barrington would like to congratulate Richard (Dick) Resseguie on becoming a member of the Club as of June 1, 2009.
We have a NEW member! Burke Groom 0
Congratulations to Burke, Rotarian of the Year! Rick Wokoun 0
Posted by Burke Groom
Healing the Children has been a non-profit organization we have been helping now for a couple of years.  They assist kids from other countries (notably Guatemala) come to Barrington (Good Shepherd Hospital) to correct heart surgeries.
Healing the Children Burke Groom 0
Posted by Burke Groom
Donate your Rotarian Magazine from R.I. when you are done reading it.  We will then give it to the schools and the Library so other people can learn more about Rotary.
Donate your Rotarian Magazine Burke Groom 0
Posted by Burke Groom
Barrington Rotary Charities, the non-profit philanthropic arm of The Rotary Club of Barrington, announced it's 2008 donations for distribution at their meeting on June 17, 2008.
June 2008 Rotary Donations Burke Groom 0
Posted by Burke Groom
Barrington Rotary Charities, the non-profit philanthropic arm of The Rotary Club of Barrington, announced it's 2007 donations for distribution at their annual Christmas luncheon on December 11, 2007.
2007 Christmas Donations Burke Groom 0
Committees have been formed! Burke Groom 0
Posted by Burke Groom
Get together with Prospective New Rotarians on Thursday, September 11, 2008.  We will meet at Wool Street Grill upstairs in their banquet room.
Rotary Informational Night Burke Groom 0
Posted by Burke Groom
What a fantastic organization the Wal-Mart Foundation is!  Check out how generous they were to our Rotary Club!
Donation from Wal-Mart Burke Groom 0
Posted by Reese Mates
You and your family are invited to a party to celebrate the arrival of our newest foreign exchange student, Volker Schwindt!
Party for Rotarians & Family Reese Mates 0
Youth Exchange Alexis Portugal 0
Posted by Burke Groom
Reese has applied for memebership in our Club.  Burke asked Reese to prepare a little something about her so that we all may get to know her a little better.  Below is what Reese sent:
Meet Reese Mates Burke Groom 0
Posted by Burke Groom

With great sadness, our own Noon Rotarian Delbert Naggatz passed away on Monday, April 21, 2008.  Please keep his family and friends in your prayers.

In Rememberance of Del Naggatz Burke Groom 0
Posted by Burke Groom
A Mass of Christian Burial for Arthur R. Cramer, 80, was celebrated Monday, at St. Anne Church in Barrington.  Burial was in St. Michael the Archangel Cemetery in Palatine. We will miss you Art!
In Rememberance of Rotarian Art Cramer Burke Groom 0
Welcome Rich Zacaroli! Burke Groom 0
Quintessential Barrington Article Burke Groom 0
Posted by Burke Groom
Be sure to check out the new photos of the racing event from February 24, 2008.  Just click on the PHOTOS link on the home page (left side).
Rotary Racing Burke Groom 0
Posted by Burke Groom
The Rotary Club of Barrington gave the Barrington High School / Friends of the Stadium a $2,500 donation to be used for renovating the BHS stadium.
Doantion to Friends of the Stadium Burke Groom 0

May 23, 2001 Daily Herald Newspaper

Members of the Rotary Club of Barrington know it's no walk in the park to raise $100,000, but heck, they're nearly halfway there.

Rotary Club Sets $100,000 Goal 0
Rotary Club remembers Larry Marquardt with award 0

October 21, 2001  Daily Herald Newspaper  Neighbor Section

After fund-raising for two years, members of the RotaryClub of Barrington finally received their reward: the chance to sit back and watch children at play.

Rotary Club Helps Make Playground Accessible 0
Posted by Jane Washburn

September 25, 2005   Daily Herald Newspaper

Rotary Club of Barrington members are partnering with a church in Mobile, Ala., that has set up a drive-through service for hurricane victims to receive basic supplies. Three days a week, 8,000 people a day drive through the station, set up by Knollwood Church, for supplies.

Barrington Rotary Partners with Alabama Church Jane Washburn 0
Welcome New Members Jim Arie and Susan Kern Burke Groom 0
Welcome New Member, Peter Gibbons Burke Groom 0
Polio Plus Partners Burke Groom 0
RYLA Applications Available Burke Groom 0
Rotary Club of Barrington - Grants & Donations Burke Groom 0
Posted by Burke Groom


Be sure to check out the PHOTO tab on the website in the left side light blue shaded vertical column!  You may see someone you know!

Photo Tab on Website Burke Groom 0
Welcome John Cox Burke Groom 0
Just a reminder if you have not been checking the Club Document section of the website, below is a list of the Bulletin Editors for the 2011-2012 year.  Please remember if you cannot make a meeting, please find a substitute to take notes for you.
Bulletin Editor Reminder 0
Posted by Lawrence Irwin
Joe Kelsch joins the Rotary Club of Barrington as official new member on Tuesday, July 17, 2007.
Welcome Joe Kelsch Lawrence Irwin 0