Posted on Jun 19, 2018
Today Joy Wagner (founder of the NeuroBalance center) visited our club and told us that the focus is on helping people contend with conditions that affect their mobility, balance, strength, gait,coordination and speech. Participants come to us because a diagnosis has changed what daily life looks like. Their independence is being threatened by a medical condition. Most are living with chronic, progressive disorders that impact mobility and movement. These conditions include Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease, stroke and heart attack recovery and other neuromuscular and autoimmune diseases.

We offer a range of healthcare services designed to help people living with chronic, progressive disorders. We help identify how the disease or condition is impacting each person’s experience, then work together to build a healthcare program that can improve mobility, movement and independence. The NeuroBalance Center offers one-on-one and small group personal training. Personal training helps participants improve strength, flexibility, balance, coordination, gait and range of motion. All of our programs
have been created especially for people living with neuromuscular or autoimmune conditions. Our group classes are designed to help participants with their unique challenges. Our wellness services help people live their best lives. Participants learn how to retrain their bodies and brains in ways that make daily living less challenging.

We have built a community of people and resources designed to help anyone living with a chronic condition reach their potential and maximize quality of life. Our 10,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility opened in September of 2017. It was designed and built from the ground up to go beyond ADA compliance and hopefully, set new standards for what a truly accessible building can be.

The NeuroBalance Center strives to create overall health and wellness to live better, together. The NeuroBalance Center is a 501c3 non for profit organization