We were honored to hear Dr. Joanna Lindell (who just appeared on Fox 32) discuss the awareness needed for pediatric behavioral health.

Dr. Joanna Lindell, a child and adolescent psychiatrist at Advocate Children’s Hospital, said "a far cry from the after-school specials some of us were used to back in the day where the intended moral message was clear and positive; "13 Reasons Why", albeit a cinematic improvement with a mystery-thriller feel in comparison, can leave many feeling severely disturbed by the sensationalism of suicide which can easily be perceived as the ultimate "solution" and "punishment" to those who have wronged them. That is not the message we want to be sending to impressionable teens who are struggling and suicide is something they are contemplating."

With her new role, Dr. Lindell will be responsible for working collaboratively with Advocate Children’s Hospital administration, physicians, and associates.  Her goals will focus on providing consistent quality of care and outcomes, championing efforts to evaluate and implement new models of psychiatric care for children and adolescents through inpatient, outpatient and partial stay care programs. As well, Dr. Lindell will work collaboratively with Adult Psychiatry to ensure an easy transition for the young adult patients.