Curt McReynolds, President, from the Boys and Girls Clubs and Amalia, also from the BAGC and is the Community Services Director.  The BAGC is located in Dundee Township.  It turns 20 years old this year.  The organization focuses on teaching kids life skills and gives assistance with homework after school.  They teach about gang prevention, self-esteem, friendships, etc.  There are 28 locations in the State of IL and Dundee is the second largest of them all.  It works with Barrington School District 220, Carpentersville District 300 and Dundee Township Park District.  Serves approximately 1,000 kids.  There are many good people from Barrington who sit on their Board, including Wendy Farley, Will McCoy, Amy Wickstrom and Tom Roser.  The BAGC is proud to work with Sunny Hill School.  They will help approximately 200 kids this year.  Always looking for volunteers to help be mentors.