On April 11, we had a group of Barrington High School students present their Business Incubator company and product at our weekly meeting. We learned about their company, Tilt Factor, and the students themselves (Michayla Herr, Connor Abel, Sara Hawe, Joe Wolff, Hanna Vanness).
Their company’s product is a stand that automatically tilts water coolers so every last drop is retrievable. We instantly understood the problem they were trying to solve; when the water level is too low the water won’t come out of the spout. This is a hassle and a waste of water and time. They showed us their prototype, and we were surprised to find out that they already had 5 stands in athletic facilities each for a month trial. The stands in these facilities were already gaining revenue during this trial due to advertisements that were placed on the sides and back of the stand. The functionality and practicality of the stand impressed us, for it was drawn up by group member Sara Hawe in her engineering class also at Barrington.
They came to Rotary to reach out to the community for possible distributors, advertisements, and any additional advice the group could use. We were thrilled to hear them present, and our members were quick to offer their help. As of now, they need help with business to business advertising.
Here is a link to their website: tiltfactor.weebly.com
If you are interesting in learning more or helping them with any part of their startup, an email to their group is listed below: