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Here Ye Hear Ye the Barrington Noon Rotary wants to welcome our newest member Kyle Kick.
She is already a great asset for the Barrington Community as the Executive Director of B Strong Together http://bstrongtogether.org/ and she now will shine as well for Rotary.  Welcome Aboard!
Are you interested in joining our fun group?   We have a chair at the lunch table just for you.   Please be our guest and join us at the Garlands in Barrington Tuesday at noon.
The Barrington Noon Rotary is excited to announce our newest member..... Brittanya Bryant.   We look forward to years of fun and community service.
This week we had 5 of this areas best reflecting on their service to our country and their busy schedules today.  They represented WWII, Korean, and Viet Nam wars.  A very special shout out to Veronica Potter, who was a ground breaker joining the marines in 1944 and putting her name in the history books for being part of the first women to join the military.  We appreciate your services and our country is a better place because of you all.
PDG (Past District Governor) Ellen Young spoke to our club.  She touched on several Foundation topics during her visit, including:
  • On June 18, 1917 Rotary International Convention in Atlanta, Arch Klumpf, the RI President stated “It seems entirely proper that we should accept endowments for the purpose of doing good in the world.”  Within a month Rotary received $26.50, the first donation to a new Endowment Fund suggested by President Klumpf.  12 years earlier, on February 23, 1905, the Rotary Club of Chicago was started, with the vision of one man, Paul Harris.  The Chicago attorney formed the club so that professionals with diverse backgrounds could exchange ideas, form meaningful, lifelong friendships, and give back to their community.  Paul  Harris’ name became associated with the honors for donations to The Rotary Foundation in the future.
  • The Paul Harris Fellow program recognizes individuals who contribute, or have contributions made in their name, of $1,000 to the Rotary Foundation of Rotary International (TRF). The honor was established to show appreciation for contributions that support our Annual Fund, PolioPlus, or an approved Foundation grant.  It is possible to become a Paul Harris Fellow using individual or club points, or points from another Paul Harris Fellow.  Individuals can also honor family members or others with “Honorary” Paul Harris Fellows by giving cash donations or points totaling $1,000 on their behalf.  Paul Harris Fellows receive a certificate and pin to wear, honoring their donation.
  • There are now 110 PHS members in District 6440 and over 19,600 throughout Rotary around the world.  PHS members contribute over 40% of all program humanitarian awards each year, and thus are important sustaining donors to our organization.
So if Alex Tribek ask what city and year Rotary started you all know the answers!  Now is the time to join and be apart of our community.  
Mike Contreras, President/CEO of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Dundee Township, gave an inspirational talk about how his organization has helped our communities youth and future.
The Boys & Girls Clubs of Dundee Township (BGCDT) is proud to serve Sunny Hill Elementary School.  The organization has been around for 20 years and has grown from serving 50 kids in 1 location to 800+ daily in 8 different locations across two school districts (D300 & D220).  Their mission is to provide better opportunities, to all youth, both in the classroom and in life.   For more information about BGCDT visit their website at www.bgcdt.org
Annette Bochenek is the Business Liaison Librarian at Barrington Area Library and acts as the Barrington area business community’s link to the library. She facilitates business use of library resources, works alongside businesses to ensure growth, and assists individuals residing in the Barrington area with job search strategies. As part of her work, Annette coordinates business and job-seeker programs at the library, while also offering individualized appointments regarding business and career help, social media for businesses, and job-seeker resources. Annette also exhibits involvement in the Barrington area business community as a member of the Barrington Area Chamber of Commerce, Women’s Biz Net, and Barrington Young Professionals, while also participating in Village Merchant Meetings and various community events.
The library offers business library cards to businesses located in the Barrington area, which can be obtained at the checkout desk. Additionally, the library features many optimal facilities for businesses, such as the Business Booths, Conference Rooms, MediaScape Rooms, Digital Studio, and MakerLab. For more information, visit the Barrington Area Library Business Page or contact Annette directly....Annette Bochenek....abochenek@balibrary.org...847 382 1300 x3050
We were honored to have guests Stephen Li from the Barrington Breakfast Rotary & Rotarian Susie Huang from Taipei. Susie shared information about her club, which is all women! A business owner of two shops in Taipei, Susie's merchandise includes Japanese specialty items and popular women's handbags.
The Barrington Noon Rotary awarded two scholarship checks to Jacob Gascho a BHS 2016 graduate who attended Harper College this past year and is attending this Tarrant County College to pursue Aviation this year and Yessenia Magdaleno a 2017 BHS graduate pursuing Early Education studies. Yessenia is the first of her family to attend college.
Claire Erdman of the Barrington High School Interact Club shared the clubs plans to pack meals at the Barrington Breakfast Rotary's Street Fest on August 16th in downtown Barrington. There is no advance sign-up and people are encouraged to drop in and participate while at the Street Fest. The Breakfast Rotary still needs volunteers to help during the event. Rotarians are encouraged to contact Trudy from the Barrington Breakfast Club to let her know if you can help: twehren@comcast.net 
On Tuesday, August 8th, the Barrington Noon Rotary Club and their guests visited the Advocate Good Sheperd Hospital in Barrington. They were hosted by the hospital staff to an hour long tour, brief presentation and a Q&A session. The $256 Million modernization and remodel was the highlight of the visit. From the technological innovations to the private rooms, the hospital was made to be more patient centric and easy to navigate. One of the biggest challenges facing the staff was coordinating construction while not interrupting patient care. This delicate balance sometimes required the doctors and nurses to re-direct current construction plans if there was any kind of conflict in providing the best care possible to the patients. Overall, everyone was impressed and enjoyed the visit. Perhaps most importantly, it provided everyone a re-assurance that our local Barrington area is constantly improving and providing the best care to its residents possible!
Ben Pohl ..."Speaking Against Distracted Driving" gave and eye opening inspirational talk to Rotary today. 

"What does it take for people to understand the dangers that await drivers each time they get behind the drivers seat? There is a real danger out there....distractions come in all forms for a driver - the cell phone, radio, navigator, pets, people in car, etc. - anything that takes a driver's attention away from the road.  We gamble with out lives each time we allow these distractions to take our attention - God forbid you injure yourself but ask yourself, could you live with yourself if you were to kill another person while driving because you had to read that LOL text? Its much more simple than you think - does the reward outweigh the risk?"  I spent half of my senior year in the hospital and two years learning to walk and speak because I did not understand this..."

For more information please check out Ben's website  http://www.benpohlspeaks.com/ 


Come join us for our next lunch event and be rewarded to a great meal and even better speaker like Ben!   We meet every Tuesday at The Garlands at Noon.

Rev. Jeanne Hanson from Samaritan Counseling Center gave a great picture of what mental health looks like in our community and in America.
Everyone has mental health, and it can range from great to terrible, just like our physical health. It can last a short time, or a long time. It's brought on by stressors like work, finances, trauma, relationships, death, divorce, bullying, lack of sleep, lack of physical health, etc. Many who need mental health care don't receive it because of stigma, finances or lack of services. Illinois has closed many mental health clinics and consequently the Cook County jail is the biggest provider of mental health services in Illinois. 
Unfortunately, 44,000 people a year die by suicide. 90% had a mental illness. We can save a life if we are aware of what mental illness looks like and acts like, and intervene to help. Mental Health First Aid training is coming to the Barrington area - get trained! And tell the Healthier Barrington Coalition what you think about how Barrington is doing in terms of mental health and many, many other topics. Go to takethecommunitysurvey.com.
If you or someone you know needs help please reach out and contact:
Samaritan Counseling Center of the Northwest Suburbs
1000 Hart Rd., Suite 201, Barrington, IL 60010
847-382-HOPE (4673) 
Since 2008 the Rotary Club of Barrington (Noon) has been working to lend a hand to the poor and needy in Kenya, East Africa. We have worked along side rural people to provide clean water, healthcare, books, solar lighting and education. Along the way we have developed friendships and watched young children grow up in a more healthy way. While many of our rural friends have been able to benefit from our partnership, we too have grown to appreciate life in a different culture and have had some of our blinders removed. Sadly we have seen friends gone too soon in ways that would not have occurred on our side of the world. Altogether the partnership of Rotarians in the US and Rotarians in Kenya has produced a better world.