Posted on Feb 21, 2019
Many Rotarians at today’s meeting were already familiar with Fr. Corey Brost and the Viator House of Hospitality.  Ron Crawford has provided bicycles, Chris Wood has provided free eye care, Wendy Davis and Dave Zuehlke have helped with gardening, and Rasha Ali’s mosque is a faith community partner.  For the rest of us, Fr. Corey painted a vivid picture of the challenges faced by young men, who have come to the US seeking asylum.  Upon arrival, unaccompanied minors seeking asylum are placed in federally funded shelters, characterized by Fr. Corey as “gentle detention.” 
With the typical timeframe for asylum hearings ranging from 2-3 years,  minors who turn 18 and “age out” are typically placed in adult detention centers, which are often county jails. It is this specific group that Viator House is serving. Founded in 2017, was established to provide a supportive living environment for these young men while they pursue their asylum claims.  While at Viator House, men attend school, work and save money to send home, find mentors and tutors and learn civic responsibility.  To learn more about Viator House, visit or e-mail Fr. Corey at