For over 40 years, The Habour has served as a safe refuge for runaway, locked-out, and otherwise homeless girls in the north and northwest suburbs of Chicago.  What began as an emergency crisis shelter in 1975 has expanded in scope to include transitional housing, educational and employment support, and services for pregnant and parenting youth.  
According to Kris Salyards, Executive Director of the Harbour, there are 25,000 homeless youth in Illinois annually.  Unlike adult homelessness, which is linked to economic need and poverty, youth homelessness occurs more often as a result of family dysfunction.   So while their goal is to reunite families when feasible, a significant focus of their work is to help their clients transition to self sufficiency.  Harbour serves young women from ages 12 to 21, and is the only agency in its service area serving your over the age of 17.  
Harbour provides structure and and unconditional acceptance in a safe environment, while focusing on the "3 R's"- respect, relationships, and responsibility.  
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