Meeting Comments included important announcements concerned the Vision project, volunteer opportunities, announcements by members, and our Quiz for charitable purposes (the questions are below, the answers are under Read more.
This month's Happy Fine Master Terry Ennes said that because Punxsutawney Phil didn’t see his shadow, we’ll only be in our dens for a short period of time ‘til spring arrives.  His quizzes today and this month will keep us busy:
  1. What cultural group in Pennsylvania got Ground  Hog day started?
  2. How many years has it been going on in Pennsylvania (more than 100)?
  3. Spell the name of this famous ground hog?
  4. What is another name for a ground hog?
  5. Did he see his shadow? 
  6. What group is trying to ban the use of a live ground hog?
  • Karen Banker said 4-5 volunteers are needed at two upcoming vision screenings, 2/27 in Rolling Meadows and 3/19 in Palatine.  She said to contact her for info and to sign  up for this very rewarding experience, or 847-618-5570.  Free glasses are prescribed and given to lower-income kids who didn’t pass their first vision test.  For info about the project so far and plans for the future, click “Read more. 
  • Best wishes of the club go to Jim Bertucci.  If questions, contact Jennifer Burnidge 847-274-1854
  • PADS dinner volunteers needed for 3/31 at 1st Presbyterian here in Arlington.  Watch for email with details. Providing dinner entrees and some spots for serving.
  • Fine Fine Master Terry Ennes made a significant contribution for charity in recognition of the many  Rotarians who attended the Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast Thursday.  He said the event was remarkably well done.  Patti agreed.  Jon Ridler happily announced that the annual chamber event was very successful and that many Rotarians were recognized for making the community better.
  • Ed Sobon reported that Rotarians safely returned from the Rotary service trip to Guatemala.  He later described some of the good work and successes.  Hopefully, Linda and others can give a report at one of our weekly meetings. 
  • Mark Tauber shared happiness as a part-winner at Pros. Hts./Mt. Prospect fund raiser. 
  • Jim Thompson announced the enjoyable Historical Society Trivia night. [If you feel you don’t know enough trivia, feel free to stop there to see items both trivial and significant…and make a contribution in support; it’s a useful institution in town.]
  • Pat McMahon testified as to Rotary’s good reputation…as a result of a casual business conversation, a client made an unsolicited donation to Rotary. [Shows the importance of good testimony in many aspects of life  : )  ]    
  • Todd Rollins was happy about a good year in his financial advising business…and looking for an administrative assistant/receptionist: contact him for more info if you know someone, 
  • And Terry's Quiz answers are --

    1.  The Dutch
    2.  133
    3.  Punxsutawney
    4.  There are several – some are think wood badger, marmot, whistle pig (not the borbon)
    5.  No…an early spring !   6. PETA