Posted by rpjr on Dec 21, 2017
Speaker, consultant and club member Mark Tauber discussed Conflict Management --  thought-provoking, enjoyable and useful presentation at the 12/21 meeting. 
Some key aspects he touched on were barriers to conflict management such as ignoring, fearing, threatening and characteristics of ourselves and our social environment.  Among other things he shared some useful “rules of engagement”, speaking skills and “languages” others use. If the quality of his presentation is testimony to the usefulness of his advice...many of us could benefit from attending his full program, or having friends, family or co-workers do so!  To learn more about Mark and his program, click “Read more”.
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He is an internationally recognized speaker and seminar leader, having taught for over 40 years at the college and graduate school level, as well as conducting seminars for the American Management. He earned his BS and MS in Communications from Illinois State University.  He also has consultant designations of CLU, ChFC, RHU, and CASL, and is a member of several professional organizations. 
He later indicated that Conflict Management is a topic that can be handled through a 30 minute- 1 hour informational session, or three hours to a full day workshop. The expanded times would focus on specific techniques along with practical applications for the attendees to apply to their own situations. Materials include recognizing sources of conflict, framing conflict situations, specific techniques forms for diffusing, emotional intelligence, and communication tools.
Courses he has facilitated include Interpersonal Skills, Successfully Managing People, Making the Transition to Management, Building Better Work Relationships, and Time Management.