Posted by rpjr on Mar 07, 2019
Thursday was our club's annual L.W. (Bill) Calderwood Officer of the Year award luncheon, held in conjunction with our Arlington Heights Police Dept. and Village.  A longtime Arlington Heights police officer who helped launch a village program to battle the opioid epidemic and a up-and-coming officer already seen as a "great leader" shared the spotlight Thursday as the department's best and brightest.   Arlington Rotary administers the Calderwood family's memorial fund set up to perpetuate the qualities and work of Bill Calderwood, long-time police chief and Rotarian. 

Cmdr. Joseph Pinnello and officer Andrew Gatz were honored as co-recipients  -- the first time there's been a tie in the 30-year history of the recognition.  Pinnello was the point man on the village's Community Addiction and Recovery Effort, which launched last July to connect residents who abuse opioids with local resources. 

In the photo, In the photo, officer Gatz accepts one of the awards.  His boss, Chief Gerald Mourning, said the young officer has "all the traits of a great leader...Gatz has devoted his personal time to training probationary officers and is known for his high level of professionalism", Chief Mourning said.  To read more about these officers, what motivates them, and the programs they have supported, click here.  [Story and photo are courtesy of The Daily Herald (Christopher Placek and Joe Lewnard). ]