Posted by rpjr on Feb 08, 2018
  • It's almost here! Register for Valentine’s Day luncheon, to express appreciation for those special/significant guest(s).  It’s next week …Cooper’s Hawk will have a special menu and Metropolis will supply a comedian.  [Will the comedian be as good as our Fine Masters? Attend to find out.  ]
  • If you want to attend the next club board meeting, you of course can.  It’s this coming Tuesday, 2/13, 11:30 a.m.. at the Double Tree here on Algonquin.
  • Thank you, Mary Stitt, for reminding us to bring paper products next Thursday.  The supplies will be taken to the Elk Grove Township food pantry; food stamp recipients can’t use their stamps for basics like toilet paper.
  • Training will be 2/17 at Harper, a week from Saturday.  It will include grants and use of social media.  See the District website for sign up and more information
  • Save the dates, 5/17 to 5/20, for the nearby and especially enjoyable District Conference at the world-class Blue Harbour Resort along Lake Michigan in Sheboygan, Wisconsin.  See the Dist. website for more.
  • Remember, on 3/8/18, don’t come Cooper’s lunch meeting! [you'd have to pay for your own meal and do without Rotary fellowship. : )  ]  The special Calderwood luncheon honouring our police and the Officer of the Year will be held at Ditka’s.  Sign up on our website very soon since a good early count is needed; the event fills up quickly.
Our Happiness Fund Raiser and Quiz Master, Terry Ennes, helped us be even more happy by reviewing the popular commercials from the Super Bowl.  To read about the personal happiness and Terry's quiz, click Read More...
Happy Fines included:
  • Neil Scheufler paid big bucks to happily share Metropolis’ winter and spring line up (scroll below).
  • Lynn Jensen happily told us of Bob Heller’s valve replace with quick recovery.  Good to hear, Bob!  [humor from the announcement, see whether Bob orders a beef or pork entry when he returns]  And Lynn happily welcomed his better half, Janet, to our meeting and back from a successful procedure as well.  Glad to have you visit, Janet, the beautiful scarf, and that you’re feeling better!
  • Sue Duchek for the good work mentioned in a recent Daily Herald/Neighbor article, and for recent much appreciated help from Rich.
Thank you Terry for your good humor and work [and for ensuring a mixed group at your table ! : )  ]
Our quiz:
  1. What lineman danced in one of the commercials ?
  2. When did the “Where’s the beef?” commercial run (the one with 81-year-old Clara Peller)
  3. Actors from Game of Thrones promoted what two products? [sometimes we remember the ad but forget the product!]
  4. According to a Huffington Post article, which age group prefers the commercials to football – Millennials, Gen-X, or Boomers?
  5. What was the sponsor of the soap box derby/young woman commercial with the slogan “Equal Pay for Equal Work”?
Answers for:
  1. Giant's lineman Odell Beckham, Jr.
  2. 1984 (Clara Peller)
  3. Mountain Dew and Doritos
  4. Millennials, but by a small percentage
  5. Audi