Announcements included Reminders about Upcoming Events (see calendar), Good News Shared by club members, and our Weekly Fine Quiz for Fun.  For details, click "more".
Happy News Fines for Charity/Club
  • Chris McClure gave us a brief update on tax law changes for 2020.
  • Jim Bertucci was happy about the approval of the Metropolis Marquee, and he reminded us of the 1/25, Saturday, Metropolis Wine Tasting Fund and fun Raiser.  For info see the Metropolis website. 
  • Terry Ennes – was happy to attend an impressive Eagle Scout awards program and seeing three scouts achieve the designation.  Our club sponsors as Cub Scout pack and Boy Scout Troup 34. 
  • Neil Scheufler was happy about the visit of his son over the holidays .
  • Linda Borton complimented Rotarian Mary Stitt for her well-organized Rotary Book Club meeting…and invited others with an interest to join.
  • Tim Corrigan celebrated his two-week-old grandson. Theodore Bernard Corrigan.
  • Visitor Bill Kelley – thanked us for support of the ACE program, and especially the five mentors from the club.  He announced Schaumburg’s 3/14 Saturday Classic is 1969 going back to Woodstock is theme at the Schaumburg Marriott. 
  • Bob Paddock – celebrated that his holiday decorations down and put away… with no frost bite (thanks to our warm weather)!.  He also announced that the Daily Herald/Paddock Publications has purchased a publishing firm reaching California and Texas…something his newspaper family never had envisioned. 
Sharing Fun was Maven of Fines, Millie Palmer, through questions about the 1920s – Are the following statements True or False?  Also, tell the meaning of 3 words from the ‘20s.
  • 18th amendment forbid making liquor, but you could drink it.
    • Bim, Bearcat, Sheeba
  • Introduction of the sleeveless dress resulted in women shaving their underarms, but not their legs.
    • Peaching, Finger, Bracelet
  • Becoming common in the 20s, ready-to-wear clothing, electric refrigerators, radios, and cars.
    • Also the instamatic camera too
    • Grifter, Chicago overcoat, and Big sleep
  • Coco Channel made pants fashionable in the 20’s.
    • Glomming, Bucket, Scratch.
  • One more thing – millions joined the Klu Klux Klan because it was a movement to return to values at a time when many felt life was being trampled by the fast paced, roaring 20s.
  • Answer: all are True!