A young man named AJ Klaproth, A.K.A. "KlapAttack", gave us information, inspiration and hope about what a vocational scholarship can do in someone's life.  He explained how one of our club scholarships enabled him to pursue the career he loves and is building upon.  His award in 2012 enabled him to earn a certificate in becoming a DJ.  His commitment and efforts have led him to being a music producer.  We enjoyed his animated description in the words of a "20-something" as he told how his career has developed. 
It was heartening to hear how the scholarship got him started.  Seeing a young person who is enthused, realistic and capably following his dreams gave us hope!  A bonus in today's program was a senior Rotarian learning there's a good reason to stay up late !  --  to sample today's youthful music scene, one needs to stay up "past bedtime" and explore venues in Chicago.  Hope and the love of music "spring eternal"!
AJ's contact info is as follows: KlapAttack / DJ - Music Producer & Recording engineer, htttp://www.klapattach.com, 847-260-8281, KlapAtttack@gmail.com, Chicago, Illinois