Posted by rpjr on May 02, 2019
Our speaker for the luncheon unexpectedly had to cancel…but a good & interesting time was had -- President Jon suggested we do round robin, abbreviated classification talks.  It was a chance for all to find out about "that person" at the other table – name, current or former occupation, and the most significant thing enjoyed about Rotary.  Some of the answers are below.  They show the breadth of the Rotary experience in addition to the club's efforts to make our world a better place.
  • Mike Caputo – restauranteur and currently a home inspector – enjoyed helping on our various projects.
  • Mary Cay Chisholm – owner/operator of Northwest Speech and Hearing – was the second woman in the club (the first was Margaret McDonald) – enjoys participating in club events (long hours and responsibilities prevent being involved in much committee work).
  • Patti Lock – producer of maritime events – has been in Rotary 9 years – likes helping out on many projects.
  • Mary Stitt – teacher and principal – has enjoyed traveling on Rotary service projects to several parts of the world, and enjoyed hosting exchange students.
  • Sue Duchek – owner and operator of real estate company – has enjoyed hosting and interacting with exchange students, most recently was Ivan, now a Rotarian in Mexico.
  • Ben Weaver – attorney – volunteering has been important; he and his wife met as Peace Corps volunteers in Africa.  Ben has “volunteered” this time to be next year’s club president.
  • Jim Hassenplug – owner of a security firm – he has enjoyed the Youth Exchange, his daughter having been an Outbound and he has hosted Inbound.
  • Bill Borst – previously a chemical engineer – has enjoyed visiting other clubs.
  • Courtney Bayron -- Waverly Place – involved and helping at the Santa Run, encouraging participation and fellowship as runners finished.
  • [Your Scrib While hearing others talk about Rotary, your Scribe today thought about the question, too --  my family and I have enjoyed helping at village hall inoculation clinics at the village, hosting exchange students, the opportunity to go on service trip to Guatemala, feeling welcome when visiting other clubs throughout the suburbs ( for business and to maintain Rotary attendance), the fellowship and service at shared club service projects such as holiday gift buying/wrapping, the friendships and informal business relationships built through attending club meetings, and the opportunity to get to know and work with both club and district leadership.]
For our birthdays (the reason for cake!) and our Fine FunMaster Musterings, scroll down the material after clicking on "Read more".
And now for our Fine, Charitable Fine Master Bill Kmiecik officiated over a Rotary quiz and Cake. 
Happy were Terry Ennes for Jon’s help at a meeting Terry couldn’t attend.  Neil Scheufler for a successful Gala for Metropolis, Bob Paddock with the first of two installments – he gave an Optimistic fine that his stuff would get to the Daily Herald’s new office location, 95 W. Algonquin Rd. here in Arlington.  The second part will be paid next week if it does !    Harry Vaswani was happy to have attended the Youth Exchange program and that Bob Paddock being readily able to find some requested old newspapers.
Our Quiz:
  1. Who was the now-famous Rotarian in 1919 who developed noteworthy medical practice in Rochester, Minnesota?
  2. Who was the baseball player by the name of the Great Eagle and had the glove known as ‘’the place where triples go to die”, and inducted in 1937?
  3. The Rotarian who, now famous, surprisingly had worked as a janitor and bouncer in Buenos Aires?
  4. The Rotarian who was an Eagle Scout, worked as an auditor in Ohio, was a teacher, and took a remarkable walk, albeit a short one?
  5. The Rotarian who was a bike shop owner and printer, who invented the self-lubricating wheel hub?
The answers:
  1.  Dr. Mayo
  2. Tris Speaker
  3. Pope Francis
  4. John Glenn
  5. Orville Wright