Posted by LBS on May 26, 2017
While volunteering at a school in Kenya in 2004 Kathy Tate-Bradish  met with a local rural women’s group, the Lavenda Women’s Group (LWG). Although she was proudly prepared to teach the women about making their own solar cookers  they really wanted to know about avoiding AIDS, and especially wanted to see what a condom looked like. Kathy discovered that in the midst of the Kenyan AIDS epidemic, people in this rural area had very little factual information about HIV/AIDS, and few skills or strategies to avoid contracting or spreading it.  Working at a grass roots level, with local villagers, Kathy started an an international NGO registered in Kenya, with a 7-member board consisting of 6 local Kenyans and herself.   The organization teaches the ABC's of Sex Education:  Abstain, Be Faithful, Use a Condom to teenagers and adults living in 6 counties in rural Kenya.   Today, they are reaching 25000 people per year, many on multiple occasions.