Posted by rpjr on Mar 21, 2019
Club members gained insights into the work being done through some of the grants given out by our Rotary club Charitable Committee.   We heard three presentations.  Abby Vombrack, Education Community Engagement Coordinator for Metropolis Performing Arts Center, told of our funds support of a program supplement scholarships to provide disabled youth with creative and social outlets through theater after they "age out" of state-sponsored support. 
Karen Oswald, Manager of Adult Education and Family Literacy, District 214 Community Education told of our funding providing vouchers to low income individuals to take the $30 G.E.D. (high school equivalency) test; the program is not allowed to  use state funds for this.  The third presenter was Cheryl Wendt, Foundation Regional Director for the Lutheran Home.  Our grant supported a Songs by Heart inter-generational program which engaged dementia patients, bringing back fond memories and some of their hidden selves.  For contact information about the three programs, click "Read more".  Our congratulations and thanks go to Chair Karen Banker and the committee !
  • Cheryl Wendt, 800 West Oakton Street, Arlington Heights, IL  60004, 847-368-7461,
  • Karen Oswald, 2121 S. Goebbert Road, Arlington Heights, IL 60005, 847-718-7719,
  • Abby Vombrack, 111 West Campbell Street, Arlington Heights, IL  60005, 847-577-5982, x244,