"The last two weeks have been intensely wonderful, allowing us to meet 13 angels, representing 6 Rotary clubs of Chicago, who left their homes and families to make a dream into a reality.  This could only be done by the grace of God and the magic of Rotary.  Today, the school El Rodeo in Escuintla has painted classrooms, light, new desks, and a spectacular playground that brings smiles in place of the sobs from the tragedy of 2 years ago.  There is still much to do, but united together  in Rotary we can do it."  - Patty Sosa Garcia, president of the Uwara satellite of the Rotary Club of Vista Hermosa.  
On June 3, 2018, the Fuego volcano erupted with a  pyroclastic flow of superheated gas, ash, and debris that engulfed nearby villages and killed up to 3000 people.  One of the villages that was particularly hard hit was the town of El Rodeo, which is located about 30 minutes outside of Antigua, Guatemala.  The Uwara satellite club, comprised of young, mostly female, working professionals has "adopted" the school in El Rodeo as its primary service project.   Rotarians from 6 clubs in District 6440 with additional financial support from Glenview Surnise partnered with the Uwara Club to repair and refurbish the school.