Posted by rpjr on Mar 08, 2018
Thursday's meeting brought together many Rotarians, village officials, and members of the public to give the Calderwood Officer of the Year award to village police officer Adam Plawe. "Officer Plawer's courage almost certainly saved the life of a citizen," said Deputy Police Chief Nick Pecora, who helped present the award to Plawer during during the Club's luncheon at Ditka's restaurant.
"(He) has displayed exemplary leadership and has built a reputation as someone who will help others regardless of the circumstances. The club presented Plawer a $500 check for winning the award on behalf of the family of former police chief Calderwood who served from 1958 to 1976. Plawer also received the department's Life Saver Award in August. To see a video of the presentation and read the Daily Herald story, click here.