For twenty-two years, Megan van Treeck poured her love and passion into The Irish Connisseur.  After she sold it at the end of 2017, she was faced with a big question-  what next?  Megan shared key aspects of her journey to a new (and very different) career that she feels equally excited and passionate about today.   Among her insights:  When you leave something you love, it is normal and helpful to go through the process of grieving; and when it's time to move on, don't be afraid to dust yourself off and move forward, and make sure that you have someone to "paddle" with you.  In searching for her "next" Megan started with a list of 50 companies that she thought she would like to work for and sought out people from each employer to ask them what they loved and didn't love about the organization.  Through this process she discovered a new passion and purpose in her role at Northwestern's Athletic Department where she works in Client Services.