Posted by rpjr on Sep 27, 2018
Today's meeting entailed important and impressive presentations on the service our club's committees do (what's in our Court, so to speak).  We also had a Fun and Fund Raising Quiz on the Supreme Court.  See separate story summarizing the reports. 
Our elucidating Quiz on the Supreme Court's past, was presided over by our Master of Happy Fines (for charity), Terry Ennes.  To try the fun and interesting quiz, read "More".  Our own Court of members had some Happiness to share -- happiness for the birth of Terry's grandchild; announcement of a Daily Herald  "Facts Matter" program at Forrest View Education Center; and appreciation for a great job done by our Chair of Admin., Dave, putting on and pulling off our end-of-summer fellowship "Steak Fry".  And Thank You, Wendy, for the use of your beautiful yard!
Other announcements included the Chamber of Commerce's "Arlington on Tap" with a wide assortment of beverages 10/13 to try before peppermint schnapps weather kicks in. For details, click "read More".  Snowbird Bill Borst and his wife are now happily residing nearby in the Moorings (President Jon says they  encourage seniors to plan ahead.  Jon, some of us think you're not old enough to have lunch over there yet!).
Fun Master's Quiz
  1. In 1893, what were classified by the Supreme Court as "fruit of the vine"?
  2. How many seats are there on the Court?  How many were there?
  3. In 1860, in what city did the court meet?
  4. On the north wall of the current court, what image brought  forth a "fatwa"?
  5. What judge's picture was on the $500 bill?
  6. Who argued before the court and was also a President?
  7. Has any judge been impeached?  If so who and for what?  And what was the outcome?
  1. Tomatoes and pickles.
  2. Nine, up from difficult to decide six.
  3. New York.  And met in several types of locations, including a home.
  4. Mohammed
  5. John Marshall
  6. John Quincy Adams
  7. Yes, Judge Chase for "partisanship"!  The Senate acquited him and he served out the rest of his term.
The Chamber of Commerce announcement: