Michael Harvey, has a resume that most of us would envy:  bestselling author of 7 novels, investigative reporter, documentary creator and co-producer, multiple Emmy award winner, Oscar nominee.  He has already secured movie rights for his latest novel, Brighton, a story that reflects his past growing up in Boston. 
Michael knew that he wanted to write and tell stories from a relatively young age, but after writing his first 50 pages, he discovered that he didn’t have enough experience to draw upon.  So his manuscript went in a drawer and he pursued a career as a journalist and investigative reporter for ten years before returning to writing.  His experience paid off and when he finished his first novel it sold right away. 
Michael followed that up with several more books creating the Michael Kelly series  before deciding that he wanted to do something different.   Having grown up in Boston in a neighborhood similar to the one depicted in Mystic River, he wanted to capture the essence of the time and neighborhood of his childhood, where circumstances drove the outcomes of life.  The result was Brighton, his latest novel.  Last year when the first draft was finished his agent sent it out to Hollywood, where it generated a bidding war and resulted in the sale of movie rights to Graham King, producer of The Departed and Our Town.   
For more information about Michael and his novels, visit http://www.MichaelHarveyBooks.com