Posted by rpjr on Aug 03, 2017
The club was happy to award Kari Kobernick a certificate of appreciation for her work on behalf of the club, often giving club members the opportunity to do “hands on” service for the community.  Kari sets a high standard for involvement and commitment for new and associate/sharing members.  She does so with good humor too – see photo of antlers for Community Night Out Santa Run promotion.  Congratulations, Kari!
And we were happy to induct an esteemed member of the Rotary and Arlington Heights community, Mary Stitt.  Sponsor Kris Niemann did the pinning as President Jim Thomson officiated.  We also thank Jason Ivy, chair of our Membership Committee.  Welcome, Mary!
And we were pleased to have new audiologist and recent ISU grad Melissa Cedres, with us for lunch.  She was a guest of Mary Kay Chisholm. Northwests Speech and Hearing, where Melissa is helping out.
Fun Fine Master Mark Tauber harvested happiness and reminded us of our new approach to “fines” – instead of “fine” money going into the general fund club fund, donations put in the table envelopes will go to the Rotary Foundation as part of the club's program of Every Rotarian Every Year.  President Thomson pointed out that this new approach will make our charitable giving more personal and intentional, rather than the club simply paying such donations from our dues.  He reassured us that the club has enough money to meet its charitable and operational commitments; therefore the “fines” traditionally paid can be channeled to the Rotary Foundation in this new way.  Such contributions will be tallied for each member and documented for their tax purposes as well.
Members were Happy and Having Fun – Linda Yang of Sr. Adult Day / Xilin Association here in Arlington said her institution was recognized in a survey of care givers/patients for significantly minimizing their stress level as compared to those at other institutions.  Kris Niemann was happy to have installed Mary StittWendy Davis was doubly pleased -- for returning from a Guatemala Heifer Project-related trip to Guatemala, and finding a graduate of our school in Ak Tenamit working with the Heifer project – a sign of success!  Jim Thomson did agenda penance and was happy both for his daughter’s enthusiastic encouragement to ZIP line and for the folks who went to the Rotary baseball game event.  By the way, contact Betsy Kmiecik to get Santa Run promotion cards for your business or friends.
It’s August and you can test your knowledge of the month by taking some of “Fun Master” Mark’s quiz.  For answers, see "more".
  1.  After who was the month named?
  2. Why does it have 31 days?
  3. What garden tool is namesaked for this agricultural month?
  4. What folk saying links August and the winter months?
Re. 1 – the Roman emperor Augustus Caesar.  Re. 2 – He wanted his month to be more than Julius Caesar’s July which has 30.  Re. 3 – an auger. Re. 4 – “If the first week in August is unusually warm, the coming Winter will be snowy and long.”