Posted by LBS on Mar 15, 2018
  • Maggie Albertson is looking for volunteers for Rotary Reads.  It takes place on March 21 at Forest View Educational Center
  • Registration is open for the District Conference, which will be held from 5/17- 5/20.  If you are planning to attend, the Club will pay $100 toward your registration.
  • Board Update:
    • Financially the Club and Foundation are both doing well.
    • Since making our Fun and Frolic "fines" into voluntary donations, we have seen a significant increase in donations.   Year-to-date collections compared to last year are $8393 vs. $5863 respectively.
  • Bill Kelly, of the Schaumburg-Hoffman Estates Rotary Club spoke briefly about a global grant that his club is working on developing.  It will be an "inbound" grant working with Harper College on programs to help un/underemplyed members of our community get vocational training in areas that will provide them with better employment opportunities.  Earlier this year Bill and several other Rotarians from our district participated in a Rotary Friendship Exchange in Taiwan, and they are interested in partnering on a global grant.  In order to move the grant forward, Bill will be seeking support from other clubs in Harper's service area.