Posted by rpjr on Jun 06, 2019
Last week's meeting entailed a service project (see story below).  This week was our experiment with 1st Thursday alternatives – an after work, social get-together, this time at Cortland’s Garage outdoor beer garden.  We were fortunate having good weather and good work for the club – the induction of new member, Amy Kitzmiller, plus casual conversations among Rotarians and potential members. 
Amy, right, was sponsored by member and long-time educator Mary Stitt, center, with the assisstance of Membership Director, Jason Ivy, left.   Talk flowed along with beverage of choice (first one free !) and trays of light food.  This year our club has interspersed events of service and socializing, among our regular noon meetings.  Thursday night attracted members who could attend in the early evening, plus some residents who were walking by and friends of members.  Talk was interesting and flowed freely.  Our thanks go to Mary, a welcome to Amy, and appreciation to the members who participated.  For some info about Amy, click "Read more..."
Amy Kitzmiller lives in Regent Park here in Arlington.  She is Director of Finance at Academy for Urban School Leadership. She can be contacted at and 847-997-9975 .   As you'll recall from your Rotary orientation and experience, we believe that fellowship through association helps us have friendships which facilitate doing  better service.  Another focus of Rotary is building mutual understanding in the world; through events like Thursday evenings we get to know each other better, and helps us share ideas and insights.  Your meeting note taker ("scribe/scribbler") pulled a "What Is Rotary" card from his wallet and gave it as a parting token after an enjoyable conversation.  Hopefully, the walk-in guest will consider membership.