This week’s session opened with Doing Good in the World, a Rotary video highlighting the work that Rotary does around the world through The Rotary Foundation.   Noting that Rotary is a service and  philanthropic organization, Jon explained that it was the goal of the foundation committee to help club members better understand how donations to The Rotary Foundation (TRF) worked.   He reviewed a flowchart showing how funds flow into both TRF and our club foundation, as well as how they are subsequently deployed.   He explained that through District matching grants, we have received funds to support our club projects, such as the Book Scholarships. 


Donations to TRF can be made by the club as well as individuals and they can be made through the club as well as directly through TRF.   Each year, the club makes a contribution to TRF for the annual fund, and a separate donations for Polio, but members are encouraged to make their own donations as well.    


There are several ways that RI recognizes donors to TRF.  Every Rotarian Every Year, recognizes individuals who have donated $ 100, and clubs where all members have donated at least $ 100.  The Paul Harris Fellow recognizes donations of $1000- made by a recipient or on the recipient’s behalf.  There are multiple levels of Paul Harris Fellow extending to “Paul Harris + 8” for incremental donations of $ 1000.   There are additional recognition levels for major donors (over $ 10,000 in cumulative giving).


At Thursday’s meeting, several Rotarians were recognized for their contribution to TRF and awarded Paul Harris Fellow pins:   Jason Ivy, Rich Morton, Jim Hassenplug, Brian Meyer, and Will Biersdorf.


For more information about TRF or how to donate, members can contact Jon, or any of the members of the Foundation Committee.  (Jim Thomson, Jim Bertucci, CW Moellenkamp, Larry Niemann, Bill Kmiecik or Linda Borton).    You can also access a user friendly guide to the Rotary Foundation by clicking here.