Our luncheon programs usually inform and motivate, but this week we simply enjoyed good Rotary fellowship through a theme of Mardi Gras, replete with balloons…Jambalaya, king cake, some donated wine, a family-friendly Rotary bingo game to earn beads, and maybe the most colorful tie worn to a Rotary meeting!  For our Fine Fun Master Quiz, Happiness, and some photos, click “Read more”.  A special Thank You to the club members who put on this event…it brightened our February! Some were Ed Sobon and Linda Borton.
We welcomed guests Tom Ebeling and Emily Constantino.  Watch for postings of new member applications.
President Joe Musolino announced he recently attended the Presidents-Elect Training.  He reminded us of 3/19 board-approved venue change to Palm Court; if any questions, contact a board member.  RYLA - If you know of someone a high school student who would enjoy participating in the acclaimed weekend youth leadership training experience, contact Mary Kendall( mkendall@jachicago.org ).  Rotarians can stop by the nearby camp to observe sessions of this inspiring activity.  Rotary Reads will be 3/5, 3/18 at Forrest View. Crayon Drop Off -- Diane & Ron Crawford said crayons (new or used) may be dropped off at their home in Arlington, Krista Evans for folks up north offered her home in Lake Zurich, and Bob Paddock for folks central.
Fine, Fine Master Terry Ennis encouraged HappinessBob Paddock happily paid to take a bow for best Mardi Gras accessory – his tie (see photo)!   Sue Duchek was happy for taking bucket-list trip.  Bill Kmiecik to rib and appreciate Pres. Joe’s attendance at the training session.  Linda Borton thanked Betsy and all who had put on today’s event (especially Terry for wine donation).  Jim Hassenplug for a godchild’s help in solving a problem (be nice to your kids, grandkids, and godchildren : )
The Quiz:
  1. One of the most sought-after items “tossed” at a Mardi Gras parade (asked Bill K, -- "A golden, 2-week-old beignet?)
  2. What is the significance of Sazerac cocktail?
  3. What does "NOLA" stand for?
  4. What does Mardi Gras mean?
  5. Krewe – what is it?
  6. What are colors of Mardi Gras?
  7. What is required of people on Mardi Gras floats?
  8. When was Mardi Gras started, and by whom?
  9. What is the prize in a King Cake?
Answers: 1.  Golden Coconut.  2. Signature drink in New Orleans (Absinthe-flavored rye + ).  3. New Orleans Louisianna. 4.  From the French, Fat Tuesday.  5.  Pronounced "crew", a club/group which decorates a Mardi Gras float. 6.  Purple, Green and Gold (faith, justice, and power).  7. Wearing a mask.  8.  Pope Gregory XIII in 1582 .  9. A plastic toy baby.