We often think our Rotary Foundation funds projects overseas. But a local project here, the ACE program, has the reverse -- partial funding from Taiwan and Pakistan.  In addition, the program demonstrates many sound business practices in Rotary's International projects these days.  Schaumburg-Hoffman Estates Rotary members thanked our club for participating in the ACE training/education program.  ACE has resulted several graduates ready for careers in fields which local employers say they need qualified applicants.
Jean Schlinkmann and Bill Kelley from Schaumburg-Hoffman described the process of partnering, selection of candidates, Rotary International's auditing, the outcomes so far, and the current status of the program.  You can read the details by clicking to read more.  
Jean Schlinkmann, one of the presenters at Thursday’s meeting, generously shared her notes.    They are mostly self-explanatory.  If you have a question or comment about them, please feel free to contact Jean or Bill.  Their contact information is at the bottom of the following material.
ACE Update Presentation
  1. Thank you for having me back and supporting the program.
. ACE based on three components
. It strengthens quality of area workforce
. most common obstacle for business these days is a lack of skilled workers
. the industries of focus are healthcare, manufacturing, and maintenance technology.
. ACE provides career training for un- and under employed
. many of these are in the large population of people living below the poverty line
. ACE Utilizes one of the best Community Colleges in the country, Harper
. Harper College offers 100+ career certificates
. and Certificats by attending one to four semesters
. ACE offers full Harper tuition and fees and covers most book expenses thru graduation.
. The idea for ACE came from "Fishing Well", a scholarship program begun by our Schaumburg-Hoffman Estates club four years ago
. It is based on the saying, "Give a man a fish and he'll eat for a day. Teach a man to fish and he'll eat forever."
2.  Part of the funding comes from a Rotary International Global Grant
. Such funding from Rotary is for Six areas of focus - Promoting peace, Fighting disease, Providing clean water, Saving mothers and children, Supporting education and Growing Local Economies.
. ACE addresses the latter, and thus the acronym ACE = Advancing Community Economics
Total funding was $80,000
$13K - Taiwan, $ lK - Pakistan
$32K - D6440 and local clubs.
DDF (District Dedicated Funds) $15K
AH - $5K    Sburg PM - $8K    Schaumburg AM - $2K
Mt P/PHts - $1K,  RM and Pal $500 Match by 34K-TRF (Paul Harris- World Fund)
3. An organization, Partners for Our Communities, POC, issues ACE measuring surveys to recipients and conducts mentor-match meetings.  It also recommends ACE applicants.
4. Students: must be 24+ years of age, live or work in Harper District, have a need for this assistance , and be able to secure references.
. There have been two selection rounds so far.
. Spring 2019 - 114 applicants, 16 interviews, resulted in14 students
.  Fall 2019 -     119 applicants, 12 interviews, resulted in 8 students
.  Harper college has given tremendous support - Lauren is the contact there.
So far, Seven graduated:   in the fields of  Supply chain mgmt,   HAVC, accounting,     Diagnostic Sonography, Phlebotomy, and Early Childhood Education
In school now are students in the  fields of:  Precision Machining, Electrical maintenance,  HVAC, Medical coding, Community Health, Radiology Technology, Paralegal, Office assistant, Human Services, and Early Childhood Education.
5.  Mentors: There have been 5 from Arlington Heights Rotary-
Betsy Kmiecik 1+2, Chuck Frankiewicz 1+1, Ron Crawford, Richard Morton and John Kent
6.  Need is determined thru a base line re. personal and household income, financial aid,  and goals
. There are Three followups
7. In August for 3 days, Rotary International reviewed the program through the use of a Rotary Cadre member (volunteers well experience in professional and special areas of knowledge).
The Cadre Rotarian was from Calgary. Experienced traveler to very impoverished areas in world.
. She Reviewed the program, Met everyone, attended a Club meeting, Toured Harper and POC.
. Gave the program a Good report: was Impressed and offered a few minor suggestions.
  1.  Goals for ACE Dec 2020. 7 + 15 + 3 = 25 graduates.
Supporting families, future, role models, contributing to community economics AND employers skilled workers
Planning that The Rotary Foundation to continue support.
. Likewise Taiwan support. Maybe double total grant $.
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To contact Jean: schlinkmannj@gmail.com
For Bill: wfkelley@kelleykelleykelley.com and 847-885-2539