Posted by rpjr on Jun 21, 2018
At today’s meeting, outgoing/Immediate Past President, Jim Thomson (right), shared a heartfelt thanks, thoughts and looked to the future, citing the 4_Way Test as a guide.  He cited recent club accomplishments of contributing over $18,000 to the Rotary Foundation through happy “fines” and contributions, our partnering with the Evanston Lighthouse Rotary Club to give $5,000 fight Aids in Africa, and support of the Breadfruit project in Haiti…”day-to-day, making a difference in the world”. Thank you, Jim, for your leadership, service and commitment to Rotary!
Announcements – remember, our second largest fund raiser, the Duffer Golf Outing, has foursome and sponsorship opportunities.  The budget for the coming year will be similar to last year’s.  The club board voted to pay a club member to be the Race Coordinator for our largest fund raiser, the Santa Run. This month’s “seasonal” Fine Master for charity, Jim Hassenplug gave us a chance (for a voluntary fee) to share personal news which makes us happy, and enjoy his Solstice Quiz.  Due to the unexpected absence of today's speaker, Joe Musolino (left) stepped up and entertained us with "ice breakers" questions to get to know fellow club members -- Most awkward thing which happens repeatedly? Dumbest injury? Something about you we'd be surprised to know? Worst bug story?  To learn the answers and details, click "Read more".
  • The Race Coordinator will be paid $7,500.
  • Happy Fines and Happiness Shared:
    • The Kmieciks are especially happy that Emily is doing well.  Kari Koebernick is happy to be back attending club meetings now that school is over for the year…and happy about 30 year anniversary with Rick!  Ron Crawford is happy for a bike tour and more.  Bob Paddock is happy to announce the Daily Herald winning the General Excellence award in competition with other newspapers in the state.
  • Our Quiz:
    • 1.The solstice shifts around from 6/20 to 6/22.This year it’s 6/21, but at what time of day?
    • 2. It’s overhead at the Tropic of Cancer.What is the latitude?
    • 3.What is the language derivation of Solstice?
    • 4.Though the days get shorter afterwards, when do we generally have summer’s hottest weather?
      • 1Answer              6:07 a.m.
      • 2Answer              23 degrees, 27 minutes.
      • 3Answer              from the Latin, "sun stands still"
      • 4Answer              the end of July, early August
  • Who would have thought...member insights (only first names, to sort of protect the embarrassed):
    • Dumbest way you’ve been injured -- Joe volunteered he sprained ankle rounding third and found wobbly home plate.
    • Something we may not know -- Jim's profession  prior to electronic monitoring company? Registered Treasury Agent.
    • Most unusual talent -- Terry is a great mixologist and wine maker.
    • Most awkward thing that happens to you on a regular basis – Ron said it's losing his cell phone. 
    • Funniest thing you’ve seen a kid do -- Dave said one of his wife’s students saw her out in public, smiled while walking backward…and fell into a large flower pot. Another was a 4-year-old eating the marshmallow-decorated art at 1st grade parent-teacher conferences.
    • Worst Bug story -- Kris said that while driving home she noticed something to the left…a large spider which had dropped down to eye level !  Mark was stung in head by bee while mowing the lawn. He didn’t worry at first, but after a shower, half his face drooped. His wife insisted on going to hospital, and they dealt with  prednizone.  Bill stepped on wasp nest while gardening, the wasps swarming up his pant legs, so ran into the family room where wife and kids were, and had to throw off his trousers