Posted by rpjr on Nov 16, 2017
  • Santa Run T-Shirts will deliver on the 30th.  You can order them by contact Linda Borton, or another member of the SantaRun Committee.  As of Monday we’ve had more pre-registrations than in any other year at this time -- about 80 ahead of last year.  Don’t forget to volunteer – it’s fun and a help to the club!
  • Like good cake? Good speakers?  Sign up sheets were passed around for responsibilities in coming months.  Help the club by contacting our club administrator Dave Jaffe for more info,
  • Our holiday party is Th, 12-7, 5:30 p.m. (it’s free for members, $35 for guests),  at Cooper’s Hawk.
  • The popular holiday shopping for the needy in town has been  bumped back to 12/10, 9 a.m. at Target (Thomas and Rand Roads).  Sue Duchek encouraged us to sign up on line for this family-friendly event.
  • No meeting next Thursday, but we will meet 11/30, two days before the Santa Run on 12/7.
  • Few Birthdays but Great Cake!  Karen Banker may not have found many birthday Rotarians, but did find many who were willing to eat cake.
  • Giving Tuesday, or anytime before it !  Mary Jablonski reminded us that Rotary is a philanthropic organization.  She notes that we can participate in our club’s Giving Tuesday, which follows black Friday and Cyber Monday by giving at next meeting, or on line.  If you give, club will give a point for Paul Harris points for each dollar (if you haven’t used your club points, you can get 2 for 1 credits.  Contact Mary for more info --  If you go online for this, put your member number in the online form, and indicate “Shared Funds”.  56% of Rotarians don’t have an account on  On the site, simply put in your email address.  MyRotary is the international site and is different than ClubRunner.
  • Public Image -- Dr. Joe Musolino as public image director encouraged us to take a “selfie” in front of Linda Borton's home: the former club president and current district AG has a Santa Run sign in the yard.  Send your selfie-sign photo to him at  It’s the yellow house on Euclid west of the library.  He’ll post it on Facebook and challenge Rotarians (as well as get social media publicity). 
  • As the Happy Fine Master, he gave away what some said were “really nice” dollar store turkeys to folks who went to another club to promote our Santa run, and he reminded us of long-time member Judge Ryan’s encouragement for successful fining (happy or otherwise).
Happy Fines included wedding anniversaries and jury duty (and there wasn’t any inference about serving time).  Additional happiness: 
  • Mary Cay Chisholm was happy to introduce the 9th audiologist at her practice.  And there was happiness to see members of the Whisler and Silverman families with long histories of service and Rotary involvement.
  • Bob Arnold – grandson who had one the Santa Run last year is recovering from serious illness, and will be okay.   Bob, expressing thanks to those who contributed,  was also happy about the Journey’s fundraising gala he and his wife Mary Edith had chaired – it was the most successful fund raising gala for Journeys.