It was a good day for the health of the club -- visitors included two walk-ins who expressed interested in community service & involvement and fellowship.  And we inducted two new members !  (Barbara Higgens and David Zuehlke) 
The Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast is coming up February 2 -- it's a meaningful coming together of the community. Contact Jim Bertucci for more information ('').  Some new members have heard from our friend Survey Monkey; Membership Chair Joe Musolino says it’s short and asks that you complete it -- it helps the club determine your interests and club direction.  Rotarian birthdays were acknowledged, as well as the sponsors of those who had brought the them into the club.  Among the sponsors were the first woman in the club, Margaret McDonald of the Northwest Community Hospital Foundation ... who brought in the second, Mary Cay, of Northwest Speech and Hearing.  Other sponsors were Jon Ridler, Jim Bertucci, and Bob Paddock.
"Fine" Maven Millie Palmer, Esq. was happy to collect charitable fines from former long-time member and snow bird, Bill Borst (Glad to have you here, Bill!) and Bob Paddock who hoped to minimize a fine, and Patty Lock who was about another fine program she had lined up for us.  Patty also asked that we bring extra unused personal hygiene items we may have collected in our travels – we’ll give items to Sue Thomson to combine with what she has collected for the homeless.  Maven Millie tested us on the names of cities where the RI convention has been held.  City nick names/slogans were the clues.  See which you know: A. Angel City, B. City with a Future, C. The Land of Drizzle D. Paris of the Americas, E. Lion City.  Answers can be found if you click “More" 
A. Angel City = Nice, France
B. City with a Future = Lisbon, Spain
C. The Land of Drizzle = Sau Paulo, Brazil
D. Paris of the Americas = Buenos Ares, Argentina
E. Lion City = Singapore