Posted by rpur on Jan 18, 2018
  • Save the Date – March 8, 2018 – for the Officer-of-the-Year Award is given by the family of deceased former A.H. Police Chief and Rotarian, L.W. Calderwood, as a way to recognize excellence in the police dept. as well as preserve the legacy of Chief Calderwood.  The Arlington Heights Rotary Club has had the honor of hosting this annual luncheon and ceremony as a way to support our town's police department and recognize the contributions of a former Rotarian.
  • Consider going to the International Convention in Toronto June 24- June 28.  And closer to home, the District Conference will be May 17-20 at the Blue Harbor Resort in Sheboygan.  For more information see other entries/links on this website page.
  • Birthdays for December and January were celebrated with cake (thanks Sheila) and song.  And our special thanks go to their sponsors for making the club stronger...bringing in these fine members!  For the list, read More.
FineMaven for our Charitable and Club efforts was Millie Palmer.  Our thoughts and prayers about your mom are with you, Millie.  Neil Scheufler about the questionaire and wine tasting at Metropolis, Mark Tauber about the Calderwood luncheon, Jim Hassenplug about Costa Rica, Bob Paddock, Jon Ridler about the doubling pledge.
  1. Where does Rt. 66 Start here in Chicago?
  2. The Willis (Sears) Tower has one of the fastest elevators in the country; how fast does it go?
  3. First TV station in Chicago to broadcast completely in color?
  4. Approximately how many museums are there in Chicago?
  5. 9/26/60 was the date of a broadcast in Chicago which was the first of its kind.
Birthday Rotarians and their sponsors:
  • January: Jan Behrens (sponsored by Jim Drake), Mary Cay Chisholm, Mechan Specht (Sue Duchek), Tim Corrigan (Jon Ridler), Marc Poulos, Bill Kennedy (Bob Paddock), Adam Prickett (Bill Park).
  • December: Matt Bennett, Rick Koebernick (Bill Hoff), CW Moellenkamp (Kris Niemann), Karen Baker (Linda Borton), Mary Jablonsky (Jon Ridler), Kristine Niemann (Carol Gabrielson), Wendy Davis (Lynn Jensen).
Quiz answers:
  1. Michigan Ave. and Adams (across from an Art Institute lion).
  2. 1600 ft. per minute.
  3. Channel 5
  4. 56
  5. Presidential debate between JFK and Richard Nixon