Posted by rpjr on Jul 20, 2017
New co-members, Trey and Barb, presented a wonderful slide show giving a brief biography and outlining their personal history, careers, hobbies, and volunteer work.  There are some good photographs as well.  Both are still greatly involved in service to others.  Because their presentation was a great reflection on their years in marketing and communication, it is included here (you can scroll through it by clicking "more" belowh).  We may be wise not to ask them to come up with something special for a potluck gathering  -- in the photo "haggas" is the dish on the right! For a gentle description and definition, click here.  And for fun, ask Barb what's great about "plumbers".  You can ask Trey the question perennially asked of kilt wearers! Trey (William) closed their presentation by playing a short melody on the pipes.
Congratulations, Trey and Barb, on an entertaining and informative presentation.  Welcome to the club!