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Guest Speaker Ingrid Andor

Ingrid Andor was the guest speaker at the Skokie Valley Rotary Club luncheon meeting of February 11. Ingrid is a local, Independent Insurance Agent and benefits consultant, experienced in transitioning employees and retirees from group insurance to individual Medicare plans. While Ingrid specializes in Senior benefits, she also assists those under 65 individuals, entrepreneurs, and small groups with their health, life, and long term care insurance needs. Ingrid is a published author, has taught at Chicago area colleges, and holds a Master's Degree in Linguistics, with a concentration in Teaching English as a Second Language.

Following are items she spoke about:

2020 Changes to Original Medicare
•Higher Deductibles
•A: $1364 > $1408
•B:  $183 > $198
•Higher Premiums
•B: $135.50 > $144.60
•Higher Costs Attributed to Physician Administered Part B Drugs
2020 Medicare Supplement Landscape
•New Medicare Card (Mailed in 2019)
•Retirement of Plans F, High Deductible F & C for those turning 65 this year
•Increase in High Deductible Plans from $2300 > $2340
•Spotlight on Plan G
•Introduction of High Deductible G
2020 Medicare Advantage Landscape
•1200 New Plans Nationwide
•Decrease in Premiums to $23 ($36 for plans including Rx)
•Enrollment Up 10% to 24 Million
•Innovation in Benefit Design
•Telehealth for Primary Care & Mental Health
•Caregiver & In-Home Support
2020 Part D Landscape
•6% Decrease in Premiums
•Donut Hole Reduced to 25%
•Increasing Rx Cost Producing More Cost Savvy Seniors
•Using Rx Discount Card Programs
•Online Purchasing of Drugs from Overseas
•New Legislation to Lower Rx Pricing
Future Medicare Proposals
•Allow Medicare to Negotiate Rx Prices
•Raise Medicare Eligibility Age to 67
•Change Medicare to Premium Support (Voucher System)
•Redesign Medicare Benefits
•Combine Parts A & B with one deductible and one coinsurance
•Set Out of Pocket Expense Limit
•Include Routine Dental/Vision/Hearing Benefits
•Expand “Medicare for All”
•Lower Medicare Eligibility Age to 50
For additional information contact Ingrid Andor at:
or 1-224-410-9054