Posted by Al Anile
I just received the below Club Activity Report from our sponsored Interact club president Carolyn (Siva) Albom.
"In the last month, the Interact Club has accomplished a lot. On a Sunday we went to Lieberman a Rehabilitation Center. We played bingo and socialize with the residents. We talked and connected with them. We bought prizes, and assisted people in playing bingo. It was an amazing chesed (volunteer) opportunity and chance to bond with the residents, and it was also extremely rewarding to be able to make these people’s days a little bit brighter.
Recently, we sold candy grams to raise money for three different organizations.
Our first organization that we choose was End Polio Now. We choose End Polio Now because we realize that Polio is underestimated in our community. Many children in our school believed that Polio is eradicated worldwide, but this is not true. We wanted to send our funds to help children who need a vaccine in order to survive and live a full life. We feel like helping those around the world is key to being a leader. We want to help Rotary reach their goal of eradicating Polio.
Our second organization was Red Door Animal Shelter, a no-kill animal shelter located on Chicago’s north side.We donated to Red Door Animal Shelter because we wanted to provide life saving medications to animals in need. We feel like it is important to help animals who do not have a voice. We are very appreciative to this no kill Animal Shelter for what it does for all of the animals it brings in. 
Our last organization was Shalva, a Chicago organization that provides aid for Jewish women who are victims of domestic violence and raises awareness about this important issue. We choose Shalva because it not only provides services that many seem to shy away from openly speaking on, it firstly provides hope and help to those suffering from domestic abuse. Providing safety, counseling, and support to victims and their families while also bringing education to the Chicago community on domestic violence, is something we as high schoolers believe should be proudly and openly supported. Education on how to handle these real issues is something we, as pursuers of higher personal integrity, want to be able to have and support as well.
These organizations were decided on by the board of the club, and were very important to all members. We are constantly planning new fundraisers and events. We want to volunteer at Lieberman again and organize an activity with Libeynu".
I think this club has been doing a fantastic job in promoting the name and purpose of Rotary International, and The Rotary Club of Skokie Valley.