Posted by Al Anile
Guest Speaker Steve Marciani 
Steve is the Skokie Planning Supervisor and has been with the Village of Skokie for over 22 years. His talk subject was the 2020 Census. Please read the following information:
The 2020 Census will begin very soon. In mid-March, look for postcards in the mail that will include an invitation to respond to the Census questionnaire. You will be able to respond online, with your smartphone, by phone, or by mail. The questionnaire is less than 10 questions long and is expected to take less than 10 minutes to complete. Please know that if you receive a postcard and do not respond, Census workers will begin in-person visits during May.
Census results affect Skokie’s voice in government, how much of $675 billion in federal funding Skokie receives for the next 10 years and how we plan for the future of the community. By completing the census form, you help Skokie create jobs, provide housing, prepare for emergencies and build schools, roads and hospitals. Census results determine the number of seats Illinois gets in Congress, and State and local officials use Census counts to draw boundaries for congressional, state legislative and school districts.
The Village is supporting the Census 2020 effort by focusing its efforts on historically hard-to-count populations that were identified by Skokie-specific data from previous censuses: renters, low-income persons, young children, senior citizens, “Millennials”, ethnic minorities and non-English speakers. 
As part of this effort, the Village is providing information to community organizations, sending letters directly to residents and posting signs around the Village as reminders of the upcoming effort. We hope you join us by participating in the 2020 Census.
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