Posted by Al Anile
Skokie Police Officer Joe Marzigliano.
Officer Joe Marzigliano is the Skokie Police Department Neighborhood Integrity Officer.  Officer Marzigliano works with other Village Departments in the implementation and support of the Skokie Neighborhood Integrity Ordinance.  The ordinance was enacted to help protect and strengthen rental units which the Village recognizes is a key component of vibrant and functional neighborhood life.  Within the Village there are approximately 1,200 multi-unit buildings providing 5,000 units of rental housing.  There also are approximately 1,500 single family homes, duplexes and townhouses that are rented throughout the Village. 
The Village recognizes that landlords are critical components of the neighborhoods throughout the community.  In an effort to provide effective tools for landlords, the Village provides additional trained staff from the Skokie Police Department and the Property Standards Division in a coordinated approach to marshal all Village resources for the benefit of neighborhoods.  Officer Marzigliano discussed his role in training and assisting landlords within the confines of the Neighborhood Integrity Ordinance.