Posted by Al Anile
Niles North High School Kitchen Staff - Cooks and Servers
Niles North High School Choir
Happy Rotarians and some of the school staff.
For many years the Skokie Valley Rotary Club has Been holding their Holiday Luncheon Meeting at the Niles North High School. In the far past the students and choir director used to come to our club, but a few years ago for the sake of convenience, it was unanimously decided that the club would go to the school.
Once again this year the student's choir entertained us with lovely holiday tunes, and the kitchen staff cooked and served a scrumptious lunch, topped with delicious home-made dessert.
Our Gratitude goes to:
  • Mike Swiatkiewicz, Niles North Applied Art Teacher & his Commercial Foods Workshop student chefs
  • North Choral Director Daniel Gregerman and his Chorale Singers
  • Dance Marathon Committee Members, Niles North Students: Rachael Mary Xavier, Maron Ambaye, Tahlia Altgold, Shiza Hyder, Itamar Steiner, Sammy Schwartz; 2017-18 "A Better Life for Kids" Charity,, A Better Life for Kids is a non-profit organization founded to provide opportunities and to invest in the futures of children in Ghana. 
  • Jim Edwards, Niles North Principal
  • Dr. Steven Isoye, D219 Superintendent